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The Scourge

There are some beings, which typically exist in between the normal planes of reality. The Scourge are a type of extremely powerful entity, older than all gods other than Orus. To the best of our understanding, they’re a side-product of the creation of emotions.. Instead of harboring flux, they feed off of negative emotional energies. While this does mean they are more vulnerable than a traditional god, they more than make up for it via their destructive potential. As such, they defy traditional understanding of greater powers. Once a greater being of the Scourge visits a plane, it becomes a hotbed of destruction and misery, making it the ideal feeding ground for more of its kind. In the past, three of these greater beings have invaded the plane of Jaern: Urkal, Kivae, and Mardol.


Urkal grows proportionally with the rage and desperation of the masses. As such, Urkal was the most aggressive of the three, favoring to directly attack strongholds of warriors. Urkal was the hardest to kill via traditional means, boasting almost complete indestructibility, and being the most well-suited for assault, though this also made Urkal somewhat predictable.


Kievae fed off of the jealousy and fear of those surrounding them. Kievae was by far the most clever of the Scourge, favoring guile, illusion, and misdirection to supplement its natural might. While Kievae may have not been the most powerful of the scourge, it was equally dangerous.


Mardol siphoned power from the despair of mortals. Mardol was also, by all accounts, one of the most perplexing beings to ever travel to Jaern. Reality distorted around it, often causing insanity in anybody foolish enough to look at it. In fact, Mardol was so adept at this, that it actually spawned a cult of mortal followers, who were twisted into insane, mutant versions of their old selves. Mardol was by far the most dangerous and powerful of the three, as it would simply use its incomprehensible power to alter time, alter the terrain, or instantly destroy its enemies bodies.


Luckily, in the Jaernian year 10072, the invasion was fought off by the combined efforts of the city of Unity. Their presence was removed from the plane, and possibly even destroyed, though nobody knows whether the Scourge can truly be eliminated…


Urkal - “OO-rk-all” Kievae - “KEY-vai” Mardol - “MARR-dole”

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