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The Dreaming

This compiles the public information on The Dreaming, as discovered by adventurers. For GM use, the google document for The Dreaming can be found here: The Dreaming (GM Only)

General Information


The Dreaming has existed since the dawn of time, when the first dreams were created. The land of the Dreaming is the culmination of the dreams, fears, aspirations, hopes, and nightmares of every living thing that dreams. The Dreaming as some see are the children of the god Orus, others say the Dreaming is a result of the collective dreams that all living things experience. Many believe however it is merely a fictitious story, something told by parents to their children. However, the Dreaming is real. And the denizens of the dreaming have always longed to experience the true capacity of emotions, imagination, and dreams, to rediscover the first dream. Throughout time, those that lived in the Dreaming searched for ways to cross over into the real world, some they stole the children so that they might truly understand the first dream, others it is merely a flight of fancy. In recent years now, with the many events and changes that Jaern has undergone, the Dreaming and it’s people have begun to find more ways to cross over into the material realm of Jaern, and subsequently those in the material realm of Jaern are now understanding they can cross over as well.

The First Dream

The First Dream is what gave birth to the Dreaming, when the first beings started to dream they brought forth the First Dream and from that First Dream came the Dreamt. The First Dreamt were among the most powerful and regarded as gods among the Dreamt, from the First Dreamt came the rest of the Dreamt and the denizens of the Dreaming. Many of the Dreamt regarded those ancient times as a golden age, but when The First Dream vanished, the Dreamt lost the ability to dream and thus since then have the Dreamt sought a way to reconnect with The First Dream so that they themselves can dream once more.

The Slumbering Maze

The Slumbering Maze is the only way that mortals can enter into the Dreaming. In order to do so they must find places connected to the Dreaming, places ripe with folk tales, ancient grottos, places that invoke the whimsy of children stories told by the bedside. For in these places one can find an entrance into the Slumbering Maze. Mapping the maze is an impossibility for it is always changing.

Crossing into Jaern

There are many reasons why the denizens of the Dreaming will cross over into the world of Jaern. But the biggest reason for many of the Dreamt is to experience and collect the imagination of the sentient beings of Jaern, for in the Dreaming, the laws of the world is that of the collective dream, for what is dreamt in the mortal realm can become reality, this has lead many of the Dreamt to the mortal realm for if they can understand why those across the veil can dream and they cannot then they shall be able to relive the First Dream.

Created by: Noah Kauffman, Ana Stenstrom, Zachary Berglund, Ryan Sciorilli, Xavi Welinder, Kioni Bush, Eric Liu.

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