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The Rhine Archipelago


The Rhine archipelago is situated quite far north. During the months of Napen and Obern, the islands are completely ice-locked (this period of time is called the 'Freeze,' which sometimes starts during Murh and occasionally lasts into Pim). It is during the Freeze that the islands of Northpoint and Southport come into their own. The two islands provide clear docking area for sea-faring vessals to load and unload their cargos. This cargo is transported to ice-skimmers that provide tha main means of inter-island transport during the Freeze. Despite the bitter cold of Rhine winters, many travellers visit during this time of year to participate in Centralian holidays and watch the popular skimmer races.

A few of the smaller islands, much further north than Northpoint, become inhabitable during the coldest weeks. The rest of the year is less eventful. The oceans thaw and life returns to its more normal state.

Centralia island exists in the center of a large grouping of islands called the Rhine Archipelago. The Archipelago is large and has mostly been explored at one time or another. The people of Centralia, however, were not great cartographers and anything not immediately of value or entertainment was unfortunately overlooked and forgotten. Thus, many islands and locales may be hidden in the waters, places of untold adventure…


The predominant language of Rhine seems to be Ferric. In most cities Ferric may be the only language spoken. On Centralia island, it is becoming increasingly likely to run into someone who speaks Paroli, caused by the influence of southern trading companies and the influx of refugees after the Seige of Karfelon.

Islands of the Rhine

The Rhine Rhombus

The Rhine Rhombus is an area of the Rhine Archipelago that is notoriously dangerous for ship travel. Until recently, no one who had ventured there had returned alive. A recent expedition to the Rhombus discovered a giant item on the bottom of the ocean there, which sucks down ships, trapping them and their passengers forever. The group managed to deactivate the item long enough to escape but it could start up again at any time.

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