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The Northface Plague Disease Writeup

The Northface Plague, or more simply, The Pox, is an extremely deadly disease that affects the inhabitants of the city Northface in the continent of Ageron. This disease typically affects the inhabitants of the lower parts of the city. It is currently unknown how this disease is transmitted to people, but analysis has shown that people living near the entrances to tunnels have a higher risk of contracting the disease. The disease does not appear to be infectious.

The disease begins to manifest physical symptoms within five days of contraction. Physical symptoms include rashes along the back of the neck, nasal congestion, coughing, paled skin. Victims may also be experience fevers, chills, and loss of appetite. However, the most obvious sign that a person has the Pox is the fact that their body is covered in small black pox marks. Victims will exhibit these symptoms for 4-5 weeks before the final stage of the disease begin to manifest. The final stage of the disease is marked when the victim’s eyes begin to discharge a thick black liquid. Once in the final stage, victims have less than 72 hours before death. A few hours before death, many of the victim's bodily fluids will have been turned a blackish red color.

Victims with the Pox have reported constant headaches from hearing a strange, high-pitched noise in the back of their mind. This disease can affect those who have a body that cannot normally contract a disease. However, they only manifest the mental effect, and display not physical signs of the illness. Victims with this disease have trouble concentrating and doing complex tasks. To perform any complex tasks, including casting spells, victims must roll a 4 die WIL check.

This disease is completely fatal. The disease cannot be cured through normal means. Magic and Divine healing also fail when attempting to cure the disease.

The Northface Plague Contraction Information

This plague is not transmitted through normal means. If a person spends time in the Pox Burg, they have a chance to contract the disease. This chance is a 1% chance upon spending more than twenty minutes in the area. The chance the person will contract the disease raises a percent for each additional hour spent in the Pox Burg, capping at a maximum of a 10% chance of contracting the disease.

Touching or interacting with a source of the disease may drastically increase a person’s chances of contracting the disease. If a person interacts with a source, whether knowingly or not, the chance they’ve contracted the disease will increase to at least a 30% chance of catching it. Depending on what the person does to the source, they may be given a 100% chance of contracting the disease. If a person contracts the disease, they may make a 5d PWR check to resist it.

The roll to see whether a person is infected or not cannot be lucked. The resist check, however, may be lucked. This disease is strange in how it's contracted, and how people contract it is still a mystery. This disease can go through magical, divine, and technical barriers that prevent disease, as though it simply appeared in the person. If a person has the perk Insane, they are immune. Please note, this is not known in game at this time.

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