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The Rel'yae Clan


The Rel'yae Clan is a coalition of elves and lizards that reside in the swamps of Koth.





The most popular profession among the Rel'yae clan is that of the rogue. The clan lives in the middle of the wilderness, and rogues have access to several utilitarian survival skills. Additionally, most clan members would prefer to stealthily avoid monsters and the undead rather than face them in battle. The Rel'yae also make good use of the traps skill to protect themselves from the less than cordial wildlife.


The Rel'yae have a small contingency of warriors, whom are primarily used to hunt down monsters and to protect the clan from potential invaders.


Some of the clan members feel the calling of the priesthood, and serve as bulwarks for the civilians of the clan. Some of the more popular gods include Ra, Isis, and Anubis. Naturally, the priests are always a bit at odds with the nomads due to their differences of philosophy and visions for the future. Within the tribe, priests are noticeably less accepted than nomads.


Among the Rel'yae, nomads are typically referred to as mystics. These nomads are actively respected by the clan, dispense wisdom, and preserve the tribe's history and traditions. Mystics are selected by older, more experienced nomads, who pick out children to become their apprentices. Additionally, many clan members will typically have a small amount of incants, even if they are a rogue or warrior.


The use of elemental magics is frowned upon by the Rel'yae, as they believe that the necromancers are the cause of the island's abnormal magical properties. Those who pursue their magical studies are often shunned or exiled, though it is possible that a small handful of the clan members practice in secret.



The Rel'yae grow a small variety of crops, and focus on plants that grow well in extremely damp regions. To counteract the cloudy climate, which limits the sunlight the island's vegetation receives, the Rel'yae use magical lanterns to provide a source of nutrition on a 24/7 basis. The clan doesn't raise livestock, as most domesticated animals would quickly become a local monster's snack.



Blacksmiths are highly valued within the clan, as the maintenance of tools is paramount to the clan's survival. In terms of weaponry, they specialize in creating bows, knives, and axes, as they are extremely useful in the wilds of Koth.


Meals among the Rel'yae are never going to be the most succulent because of the clan's pragmatic mindset; tasty food doesn't bolster their chances of survival. However, their diets are extremely nutritious, and their food spoils at only half of the normal rate of normal food.

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