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Lojem Wizard Guild


Goragon has convinced the administration of the Liston Wizard Guild that they could make a serious profit by building a guild annex in the Lojem Archipelago. They have agreed; Goragon has footed the cost of a new stone bunker.


The following services will be provided in the Lojem Wizard Guild. The fees listed are all non-member fees.

Service                              Cost
Casting a spell ranks 1-4            50 KSP/rank (KSP = Karfelon SP)
Casting a spell ranks 5-8            100 KSP/rank
Casting a spell ranks 9-12           200 KSP/rank
Casting a spell ranks 13+            The cost of this transaction is
                                     set by the caster; it always
                                     involves at least one magic item in trade or
                                     significant amounts (3oz+) of Teresium.
Magical Item Identification          27,000 KSP
Training for non-members             200 silver per rank of spell to be
                                     learned, or for skills the cost is
                                     half of the base cost of the skill
                                     in RSP times the rank.  They do
                                     have the ability to teach a group
                                     or two that are not standard.
Research                             100 KSP/day of work needed; this
                                     is negotiable depending on desired
Portal Travel                        Non-members must pay a fee of 200
                                     silver per one way trip.
Cargo shipping                       Negotiated with head of guild;
                                     cost dependent on cargo


  • Deferred spells increase the cost by twice as much or more. The defer, including ranks of finessing, counts as a separate spell. Also, before receiving a deferred spell of any sort, paperwork must be filled out absolving the guild of any and all responsibility for the use these spells are put to.
  • House calls to cast spells on-site cost 100 Silver.
  • Offensive spells are never sold to anyone not belonging to the guild, not an officer of the military, or not a well-known and well-placed official of the city. Even in these cases, documentation is required stipulating that the guild is not responsible for the use the spells are put to. This process is always drawn out so that it takes at least one day for the paperwork to clear; the only exception to this is during times of crisis for the city.
  • Spells from a double cost group double the cost of the casting.
  • The following spell groups are available for training:
    • All Air Groups
    • All Earth Groups
    • All Fire Groups
    • All Water Groups
    • Air Forms (Air)
    • Stone Magics (Earth)
    • Smoke
    • Forging
    • War Magics (Earth)


The guild will be manned by Goragon and 5 other mages; three of which were members of the previous guild in Karfelon. The elements they control are Air, Fire, Earth, Water, and Core. The other two are from the Liston Guild. There are also 10 guards in and about the area for protection and manual labor purposes. All the guards are fairly skilled with their chosen weapons and are typically dressed in Brigandine armor or better. The guards consist of 8 warriors and 2 marines. There is also one receptionist that is hired from the local population to help customers at the front desk.

If you have any questions about the staff, see Joel.


Anyone seeking to join the guild must be a mage by background and must meet the following requirements:

  • Able to personally cast (not via magic items) 4 spells above rank 3.
  • Not a person infamous for acts that could disrupt the functions of the guild
  • Must pay a one-time membership fee of 9,000 silver upon joining
  • Must sign a contract and submit to a background check
  • Must make themselves available to the guild at least 8 days out of the month to perform services for guild patrons
  • Must submit to a period of service in the guild for 1 month out of the year. This time does not have to be consecutive.

Also, members will receive the benefit of a 50% discount to the cost of identification of magic items and the costs of having spells below rank 13 cast/deferred. Members can learn spell groups not included in the normal repertoire of most mages for free. Members will also be provided with a small stipend for living expenses (400 KSP/month). If the guild requires the member to travel to perform services, travel costs will be absorbed by the guild. The aforementioned contract confirms that the new member will remain loyal to the guild and will provide their services if required in times of crisis to the guild. The contract also states that the new member will not provide any services to the general public for prices less that what the guild charges or their membership will be terminated. The matter will also be further pursued by the main guild in Liston. Any attempt to undercut the prices of the guild will be met with strict retribution.

Building Description

The guild itself appears to be a well-built stone bunker (100×50) that is only shows the top half of the one story visible above ground. There is a very heavy wooden door that has been shod in iron that can be double-barred on the inside. On the inside, however, the guild is well decorated with the colors of the royal family in Liston. There is a waiting room in the entrance area for non-members who are interested in having items identified or spells cast. Also on the first floor is a meeting room for adventuring parties to meet and training rooms for non-members. There are two stories below ground to which non-members are largely not allowed access. The basement has training rooms for members, a holding cell for prisoners, and residences for full-time guild members and guards. The sub-basement has three well-guarded rooms where portals are contained. There are two stairwells from the ground floor that descend; one goes to the basement floor and then the sub-basement, and the other bypasses the basement and goes directly to the sub. There is also a shaft with appropriate block and tackle designed to move cargo from the sub-basement to the first floor.

GM Information

Room number one has an Otherworld that goes to the inter-dimensional hub that is used to access portals in Southam and Liston. Room number two has an Otherworld that goes directly to the Liston Wizard Guild in Liston. Room number three is currently unused. When the portals are used, the user is locked in the room with the portal. Then a torch in the room lights up and the iron grate in front of the portal is raised. The portal can then be accessed.

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