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Here are some lojem tidbits gleaned from the GM mailing list… A couple of people have said they are doing a serious Lojem/Rougtero writeup… but this will have to do until that's available for linking.

This is mainly about Rougtero but the Porthaven page has some good information and is also part of Lojem technically. The northern town of Gendel is also represented.

more information about Lojem and nearby islands HERE.


No-Portal Zone - THIS AREA NO LONGER EXISTS. A 200 met radius circle around Rougtero. Within this zone otherworld portals cannot exist. Extra dimensional portals of any kind do not seem to work within this area. A decade or so ago someone got the clever idea of sucking all of the portals near Rougtero into a single point, called the nexus. The guy then charged to use the portals. Eventually the nexus collapsed (exploded might be a friendlier term) and the No-Portal Zone came into existance as a side effect.

Other means of instant transportation that don't use a portal are still possible, like Beam Port, or Water Port, but Giant Stride, for example, would not work.

Portal Farm - a strip of land outside of the No-Portal Zone. The No-Portal Zone is the major transportation hub on Lojem and contains dozens, if not hundreds of portals, mostly otherworlds. Because of this, it is also home to the Lojem Wizards Guild. (Which seems to just be a small time outpost of a Mages Guild in Galleia)

Dojo - This is a fighting accademny of types. Adventurers and commoners come here to learn combat skills. The dojo is on the mountain but not near the Sepulcher.

Sepulcher - The temple of Anubis in the Rougtero area. Built into the side of a cliff just a little ways (a met or two) outside of Rougtero - west of the Enclave

Sanctuary - The Sanctuary in Rougtero has a couple of priests teaching people how to perform first aide. I think the base cost is 150 (general). The classes they are teaching are free for priests of Isis and 10 silver pieces per session for anyone else (one session will allow someone to learn 1 rank of the skill, making several sessions required for extra learning).

Dwarf City - Over the mountain road to New Alimar is the dwarf stronghold. It is buried deep in the side of the volcano and digging deeper, it links to other “older” tunnels in the mountain to form a network of tunnels that hold a lot of dwarves This also may have been the cause of the first disaster when, and if, the dwarves dug too deep and hit lava. 1000 dwarves [90%] underground.

Lizard Colonies - Lizard colony sites in the great bay. There are 5 main ones.

  1. The area just off Port Haven
  2. The location of the anti-magic lock (now used as a lizard wizard's prison as well as a prision for some of Centralia prisoners)
  3. The reopened mines of quartz southwest of Karfellon, and the old Lizard city there
  4. The remains of the city of Karfellon
  5. The mines of Jerom (or Orgeay's Platform)

Each site has a 1000 lizards and more.

Orcan Area

The orcan village of Savaga was also destroyed when the great sea wall collapsed. The orcs prefer their own space as a lot of their habits are met with ridicule by the other races.

Food Stuffs

plant names

  • Fuino, a tuber like vegetable
  • Lionjo, a berry bush - strawberrys on a bush
  • Spice Hikiib - sharp flavor
  • Gouja - soft flavor, long lasting
  • Seeun - a kelp, like curry flavor

Spices of the races

  • orc - heavy peppers, the hotter the better.
  • dwarves - more mineral spices “your putting dirt in your food?!, it tastes better” a dwarf would say.
  • elven - greatest range on “land” spices
  • Lizards - you need to eat it in water to taste right.

Other Stuff

You may be able to walk form Eastend to PortHaven, but you are walking right in the middle of Orc territory. The other side of the seawall has breaks that need to be repaired yet.

Cities of Red Harbor and Gaila have 30,000 people each. They are also island kingdoms with 3 to 4 islands each. They have several floating platforms and guard platforms each and they WANT the new Lojem area!

The floating town, Orgrey's Platform, has a pop. of 5000+ and has small windmills, one lighthouse, and waterpumps to clear the water in the mines. Their flag colors are red, purple and white, or as Orus worshippers would know it as hate, lust, and hope. The town has less humans and more dwarves and lizards due to the underwater mining effort. Allies of Lady Orgrey are greenpeace, crolis, several adventures who live on the platform [ie] S'lar, Sir Mantrix, and his wives, Silvanti's town house.

actors of Orgrey's Platform:

Lady Orgrey-owner and clan head, speaks softly but firm. in comand of the town. people are very loyal to her.

Lady Greenpeace-Local Orisis priestess/fanatic, marine, greenpeace can speak very well in Dolphin and Balenoigajo, and can use them as spys and general helpers, also for deasatating attacks. as head priestess hjr word can get you in a lot of trouble ,if you get on her bad side.

Lady Crolis-air mage, duather of greenpeace a lot more level temper.

mr. Fingers[the smuggler]

Luggie the best diver in the area.

Lady Sarah and Lin “wives of Mantrix”

People of Rougtero: George the Lighthouse Keeper, keeper of a strenght 2 lamp, he is very careful to do his duties to the utmost. even tempered.

Graylight the dwarf, wizard, unknown.

Ivan Borus, dwarf merchant, part owner of the grayhaven resettlement program. stubborn but fair.

along the coast there are 3 town/village/ports between rougtero and whats is left of [Eastend]pop around 1000each. the names of the small ports are Winddale, Highsail, and Lady's Haven. Winddale has two sages and several learned people who left after the archives of tarus were attacked. Highsail is named for an augers invention that used a windmill to turn a grindstone [auger training ground?] Lady's haven is a home of an exciled ruler and she may be making her new land starting here.

what remains of [Eastend] is well scattered, the core of the town save for the grand old stone buildings has over time been fireballed, arsoned, and just plain fought over. the main hotel just off the main street is still the best place to stay and the savest, why, they have an anti-magic field of some kind there, adventures can't steal it so don't try!

because it is at the end of the old seawall, I want it to have a working dry dock or two, a reminder of when it had a mayor who was far seeing also it's population will be higher than other porttowns, WHY, it has been there longer,it is recieving cargo and raw ore from the underwater mines to the southwest, Orgrey's Platform, and I want kelp farmers and shellfish divers to be based there. the ore is also cleaned and graded there, for Provence Landing smithy's and glassworks.

that makes for a lot of new construction in the center of town and it is a planned town. the new temples of Ra, Tor,Isis,and Neptune are there. the blocks are mainly square in shape. several small seawalls are started, mostly used as breakwaters to protect ships. there are several lighthouses to guild ships into port and several more warning ships about the main seawall itself. there are windmills under contruction to pump out the water from the newland/reclaimed land that the mini-seawall is protecting.

If they have lighthouses they will also have a rescue lifeboat crews. Marines that are sent out in the worst storms to save lives, men,lizards,and dolphins help out each other to save crews unluckly to run into the seawall in a storm.

as [eastend] was in the past a tourist town, so there are small but good townhouses hidden on the hillside, most are taken but some are just forgottened.

also there will be a lock and a canal system when the newland is reclaimed from the sea. [name anyone].

Provence Landing (see also Rob's page linked at the top of this one):

has a long histroy of metalworking, one of the best remaining swordsmithing works also they have inlarged their glassmaking works at great cost ,WHY ,because the light house lens are now made there. It is a great Honor to be made a lighthouse keeper,

[in this day and age it is mostly forgottened-in the age of sail the lighthouses were vital for trade and warnings].

Rougtero and trade:

Rougtero sits at the middle part of the east/west land trade route between [Westend]Talen farmland, Elves,and “NewAlimar” trail, and the [Eastend], Provence Landing area.

from the north-west? is the trail that leads to NewAlimar dwarf town. population 1000 dwarves mostly [90%] underground.

are some areas just abandoned?,

we have not used Verickti seawall dwarf town, or the farmers from U-someting or other that is right inside the seawall. we have not used the Forge island and the other 7 major islands in the great bay, save for Port Haven a lot.

Salt is rare and is mined. it is mostly used in magic. it is not used as a spice, that is saved for peppers and other herbs, it is very expensive.

Elven ports/villages of Fiinin and Fo-lown just south of Lentri and Selica-ja,,,,just how bad was Selica-ja burned downed?

RA temple on crater rim of mount Fajro, is now the main star watching center=astronomy and astrology. also may house a faijo[fire] drako to guade the temple.

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