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The following is an introductory overview into Centralia. Some of our design criteria include:

  • useful amount of creation area for game masters to design their own elements into the setting
  • a life like and living culture that the adventurers will be a part of
  • greater interaction among game masters
    • share plot ideas/lines
    • aiding one another by furthering the plot lines of other GMs
    • evolving long term plot lines
  • allowing players to create their own plot lines and to direct adventures.

To meet these goals we felt it necessary to move away from the traditional setting and start fresh: Centralia. The information that follows is the information that I have compiled about the setting so far. Centralia is a living place and this information is dated, incomplete and continuously being updated and expanded.

This is the Second Version of the Setting. The original version (played between May '95 and December '96) has been obsoleted. The designers all took a long step back and thought about what should be tried next. This is the result.

To learn the setting I'd first take a quick overview of the physical setting itself. Start an overview of the Rhine Archipelgo and then narrow your focus down to individual cities. The main city, Centralia, has a weekly newspaper (the Centrali' Times) that you can peruse to bring yourself up to date on current events. Some geographical links contain historical information or links to historical information.

Maps of the Rhine

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