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The Reign of the Veiled Empire

The Empire of the Veil (or the Veiled Empire depending on translation) was formerly established in the year 7837 and lasted until 9123 (1,286 years) when it was destroyed by a creature only described as “the beast of the dark sun.”1)

Founding (7837)

Originally the empire was split into 10 tribes all vying for power over an unnamed island (or if it was named it was lost to history). Two tribes that came to Jaern on the Kaaren of Destruction, the Talus and the Val-Ott, eventually united when the leaders of the two tribes decided it would be better to work together, the two leaders wedded and the two tribes became one, ValTalus, for the next 30 years the tribe of ValTalus either conquered the other tribes through military conquest or diplomacy. Once all of the island had been subjugated the empire was established.

The Sun's Blasphemies (7839 - 7841)

During the 2 years reign of emperor Set I, The art of daemon binding was created, this lead to great tensions between the established churches of Jaern and the empire, eventually culminating in a banning of all religious practices (this was shortly lifted after Set I died due to a mysterious illness). However, daemon binding became an integral part of the empire during this time, this subsequently led to the founding of the four orders of the binders.

Intermediate Years (7916 - 7970)

Not much is known about what happened in these years. Most accounts and records showed that the empire worked to maintain its authority and power over the island, establishing itself as a power among the other islands. What is known is that during this time many different forms of magic were expanded and invented during this time. The ValTalus had become fully established as the rulers of the desert.

The Expansion (7977 - 8977)

Under Empress Cleopatra, the Empire of the Veil saw massive expansion, a skilled warrior and daemon binder. She built a powerful navy and army and set out to conquer other islands, reaching almost to the island of Lojem but was stopped short. While the empress died before she got to see the fruits of her labor, this did bring about a golden age for the empire. During her reign Empress Cleopatra also developed the sandstrider techniques, magic that allowed her warriors and herself to tap into the land’s energy for increased strength, agility, and stamina. Some of the techniques could even mold the ground or summon sand to defend allies and blind enemies. Cleopatra was one of the only people also known for binding three Daemons to herself, Beelzebub, Mammon, and Asmodeus. She was nearly unstoppable, only the greatest enemy, time, finally ended her life. Her descendents continued the conquest up until 8977.

Birth of the Princes (8999 - 9100)

The Princes Aruk and Maloch are born, Aruk grew to become a warrior while Maloch became a demon binder. Both princes would rule the empire of the veil for the longest time during this golden age, before the dark sun would arrive to wipe it out.

The Dark Sun (9123)

Records tell of a black sun that swallowed the light, a beast was birthed from it and laid waste to the empire, destroying everything in its path. A beast of fire, light, and stone; it was too powerful, only by the combined strength of the brothers were they able to seal it away for a time. However they were unable to save the island itself, the damage from the beast caused the island to sink, some people were able to flee to nearby islands to survive. With the death of their homes the brothers argued over the next course of action. This argument lasted for fourty days and fourty nights, until eventually the family decided it would be best to part ways. And so the ValTalus tribe separated, one stayed with the ancestral home until Ageron was raised from the waters. The other would travel all the to Centralia and settle in what would become Prall.

Noah: For the recorded purposes, this was at first just a way for my character Wyren and Ryan’s character Slate to be actually related by blood, but eventually I liked the idea so much that I wanted to now turn it into an impromptu campaign. apologies to anyone who had or has a hand in the history of Jaern and if my thing causes any problems please contact Noah Kauffman and I shall do my best to work with people to fix the problem, I want this to be something that everyone can use and enjoy and not make it about just two characters
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