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Return of the Dragons

Dragons existed on Torandor prior to the collision with Jaern. The fate of the Dragon had been a mystery since the fateful event and their smaller cousin, the Drako, is the only hint of their previous glory. The origin of the various Drakos also was shrouded in mystery, though many believed that the former Dragon’s simply evolved into this new incarnation that was more fitting to a water based world. Others believed that these Drako’s are simply a creation of the master Dragon race and the Dragons were simply in hiding waiting for the right moment to reclaim their former glory.

The truth is that the Dragon race decided it would be foolish to contend with the humanoids for resources at this time of need and figured they could take over what they need when they needed it. So, they made a deal with the humans to put themselves in suspension for a period of time so that the humans could get things sorted out. They left two Dragons in charge of releasing them from their permanent suspension in the pocket dimension where time stands nearly still. These Dragons were suspended on Jaern itself for what was meant to be a period of 200 years. Unfortunately, the Dragons failed to take into account the new variables existent on Jaern and this time period was significantly increased to over 2,000 years.

Being an arrogant race and not wanting the humans to forget about them, they designed smaller versions of themselves and set them loose on Jaern. These Drakos were designed to keep the spirit of the Dragons in the heart of all of the creatures on the planet until their return. In addition, the Dragons built four obelisks each relating to different aspect of themselves. These obelisks tapped into the energy of Jaern itself and maintained the pocket dimension that held all but two of them in near suspended animation. In order to shut them down thus releasing the suspended Dragons, they had to be touched at the same time, two of them by Jaernian humans and two of them by the Dragons that were left behind. This method was to ensure that the humans were ready to receive them. Of course, the forging of this agreement has been all but lost given the time that has passed since its creation.

The four obelisks are in the following categories: life, death, magic, and substance. The substance obelisk exuded physical substance and in fact was covered in earth which it generated. The death obelisk had control over the dead and took control over dead beings that are near it and also caused dead things near it to animate. The magic obelisk pulled in magic and let it out in large bursts, which resulted in a race of purely magically beings (Beings of Ether). The life obelisk bled life energy and could create life from practically nothing. In addition, living things that expired near the life obelisk maintained their life force and continued to heal, eventually coming back to life. Once the spark of life was gone, this obelisk didn't have an effect. So, for example, dead people could not be brought back to life by bringing them to the obelisk.

Once activated, the obelisks vanished and triggered the expulsion of the Dragons from the pocket dimension in which they are being held as well as bleeding 2,000+ years of time back into existence. This time energy induced fluctuations in the planet itself causing natural disasters and other anomalies throughout Jaern’s population.

The Dragons Return


The ocean level of Jearn dropped 15 feet, creating significantly more land mass on the planet (It was originally 20 feet but a month long downpour of rain replaced 5 feet of it). Obviously this had an impact on a lot of things: Lizard cities were ruined, the docks everywhere had no water leading to them, the ocean portals were 15 ft above the ocean, making them difficult or impossible to use. Efforts were started to fix all of these problems.

The volcano on Lojem bacame active and many Dwarves left their cities and mines to move away from it, in case it erupts. This had disrupted some of the mining activities and some resources were in shorter supply.

Dragons (very large draco-like creatures) have been observed all over the world setting up homes and nests. A few have been seen around the Centralia Wizard's Guild, while a few others have been seen around the volcano and other areas of Lojem.

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