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Purge of the Kurago

The Kurago is Corrupted


A message from the Rougtero Guild of Wizards:

“All nomads glow very faintly demonic to relevant detection spells. Any incant made glows strongly demonic to those spells. Nomads report “feeling a bit dirty inside” whenever they use an incant1).

Anyone who enters the Kurago has a fairly high chance of encountering demons. These demons are hostile to pretty much everything, including spirits native to the Kurago. Most native spirits have either found places to hide in the Kurago, or have left the Kurago entirely. This has lead to a significant increase to the amount of spirits on Jaern right now.”

The Kurago is Cleansed


An adventurer's log details some recent events:

The Kurago has been cleansed of the demons that were infesting and changing it (suprisingly easily). Nomads no longer detect as slightly demonic and neither do their incants. Some nomads were possessed by demons when they attempted to use the demonic power as a shortcut to more powerful incants, they are now free2).

The spirit population of the Kurago has been greatly reduced, although many spirits are returning. The Kurago is changing back from a demonic wasteland, although what it is changing into… is not yet known. Anyone who travels to the Kurago and has been there before may find it somewhat familiar, but significantly different. Some nomads and spirits are attempting to shape the Kurago in this time of change.

this has no mechanical effect. Nomads are no longer able to stress HEA to make incants
All nomads must convert to the new nomad system, it is not possible to continue to use the old system
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