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Newbie Campaign Archive

If you have information on where to find development logs from pre-2020 campaigns, please contact Kioni Bush (@quantumfiddlesticks on Discord)!

This page collects and archives all past newbie campaigns' development, presented for the sake of public viewing and knowledge. Feel free to draw on these for inspiration, continue their stories, and use their NPCs & locations!

2023: Smoke & Steel

Coordinator: Kioni Bush (@quantumfiddlesticks on Discord)

Location: Ruefang, Cahyali

Summary: The Ars Machina Incident

Zuanshi Steelworks is about to unveil their newest invention, sure to change the future of Ruefang's industrial field forever, redeeming it from a long age of corrupted lands and magical instability. But, dark motives lurk below the surface, and the machinations of spirits and armies threaten to tear the country apart… S&S Development Drive

2022: So Below

Coordinator: Lauren Gardner

Location: Ageron, Jaern

Summary: Demonic Invasions on Ageron

The three Fallen Servitors of Rudri have launched an assault on the continent of Ageron, seeking to use the souls of its populace to augment their power and ultimately claim the throne of the Beneath… SBL Development Drive

2021: Dead Man's Waters

Coordinator: Eric Liu (@pomereux on Discord)

Location: The Rhine Archipelago, Jaern

Summary: The Threat of Ishar Magaroth Plagues the Rhine

The undead pirate forces of Ishar Magaroth, given power by their Coins of Anubis, rise in the Rhine! With the corruption of pirates at every turn, infiltrating even the safest of locations, adventurers are called to aid… DMW Development Drive

2020 (Spring): Terror of the Nightmare King

Coordinator: Eric L., Ryan S., Noah K., Zach B. (@pomereux, @reddeathrenegade, @bluekid, @regexil on Discord)

Location: Nahrūl, Cahyali

Summary: Azeroth Invades Nahrūl

The Nightmare King Azeroth has taken control of the country of Nahrūl, each day laying siege upon this former land of holiness. Prayers of the beleagured people are sent out, and the will of the gods answers, bringing heroes to rescue the land… TotNK Development Drive

Also see this page, written from an in-universe perspective.

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