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The Modern Age of Cahyali

The Ars Machina Incident

Summer of 10081 SF

Fall 2023 Newbie Campaign: Smoke & Steel

Following a long period of corruption and abnormal leyline activity isolating the country of Ruefang from itself, the Chongbai-based company Zuanshi Steelworks unveils its newest invention: the Ars Machina Engine, a locomotive capable of transporting people and goods as it runs along the leylines themselves! However, dissenters and scholars claim that the operation of this engine will not solve Ruefang's problems: instead, its operation may exacerbate the corruption of the land even more…

This event is ongoing as of Fall 2023. Please stay tuned for how the story develops!

Azeroth Invades Nahrūl

Summer of 10078 SF

Spring 2020 Coordinated Campaign: Terror of the Nightmare King

The land of Nahrūl is drawn into a dark demiplane controlled by the Nightmare King, a powerful demonic figure known as Azeroth. Nahrūl is his first stepping stone for a future assault on all of Cahyali as he seeks to conquer the entire world and add it to his domain. However, the efforts of adventurers defeated Azeroth, freeing Nahrūl from his tyranny and dispelling the dark cloud laying over the island.

Druidic Assault on Ley'Ork Spire

Autumn of 10077 SF

Fall 2020 Newbie Campaign: Nature's Wrath

The existence of a leyspring within the Null Labyrinth became known to Ley'Orkian industrialists based in New Spire City, and they began preparing to claim it as a source of energy. This brought them into conflict with a druidic cult led by a nature spirit known as Kali, who retaliated with an assault on Ley'Ork Spire.

Through the efforts of adventurers, Ley'Ork was saved from Kali and her followers - through this, the industrialists were cemented as leaders of Ley'Ork in the Spire and in Metro.

Ley'Ork Annexes Kainoa

Spring of 10059 SF

After a long period of heavy presence in the southeastern Ulosian province of Kainoa, Ley'Ork suddenly moved in a large military presence and declared its annexation of the volcanic island chain. Its young monarch, Queen Pua'lani Kainoa, has been extradited to New Spire City and has not been heard from since the annexation. Tensions have risen steadily ever since, though Ulos has not yet made an official move nor a statement.

Pthoran Ember Army Rises

Winter of 10003 SF

An ever-destabilizing governmental system known as the Throneless, coming off the tails of a string of dictators, was overthrown in 10003 by Katerina Zimina and her Ember Army. With relentless propaganda and charisma, she took absolute control of Pthora as its new dictator. Ever since, Pthora has been under its rule, and the Ystervius have been sent out as intelligence operatives, silently spreading the Ember Army's ideals and goals across the world. Being human, it is unknown how Zimina has retained her iron grip on the country for the better part of a century…

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