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The Modern Age

After a lengthy period of poor recordkeeping, archivists of the Centralia Guild of Wizards have begun collecting and recording events, near the beginning of 10078.

Jearn Switches to the Gold Standard


The banks across Jearn release a notice that most businesses and hirings across Jearn are encouraged to use the gold piece as the standard unit of pay, rather than silver. The conversion rate is 10 pieces of silver to every one gold piece.


An adventurer from Koth, an island in the Ageron Region, reports:

“A five-headed giraffe-hydra-thing went on a massive rampage and destroyed part of the town, the town walls, took out an entire generation of Koth archers, caused a few suicides with a Mass Fatal Attraction [spell]. [The] creature mysteriously vanished, after leaving town.”

The town mentioned is suspected but not comfirmed to be Toth.

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