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The Modern Age of Jaern

After a lengthy period of poor recordkeeping, archivists of the Centralia Guild of Wizards have begun collecting and recording events, near the beginning of 10078.

Events are presented in reverse order, with the most recent at the top and most ancient at the bottom.

Wellsprings in the Beneath

Late 10080

As the year of 10080 neared an end, the events on Ageron would not go forgotten and much attention was turned to the leaderless Beneath as it fell ever more into chaos. During this time, a group of adventurers reached the inner reaches of this hellish plane and found a way to regrow the branches of Yggdrasil into the Beneath, evaporating some parts of the Way of Black Tears and allowing magical flow to partially resume in the form of wellsprings.

These wellsprings are accessible on each layer, and act as sources of energy for demons that can be used to survive in lieu of souls - though the siphoning of souls is still a common practice among more powerful and greedy demons. After establishment of the wellsprings, infernal beings have begun to travel the planes as adventurers.

Demonic Invasions on Ageron


In the spring of 10080, activity of demonic cults was observed to ramp up. Moreover, and more worryingly, they appeared to be more organized than ever before. Across Ageron, various organizations hired and dispatched adventurers to investigate and handle the demonic problem.


An article from the Ageron Crier:

The Cirque de Noapte on Gryf’shion closes for the first time in its history, as its Head Acrobat, Samantha Litharge, was taken by unknown assailants. The main stage of the circus was attacked and during the chaos, Samantha was abducted in the middle of her acrobatics act, along with the Mask of Paimon, the symbol of the Cirque de Noapte. Authorities are currently investigating to uncover identities of the assailants involved, and have issued an order for arrest of Pirate Captain Luminita Dascalu. It is suspected that pirates from Markduk are colluding with demons and Samantha may have been abducted to be used as a sacrifice.


Within moments of each other, three pillars of light spring up across Ageron. Eyewitnesses at the scene recount massive humanoid figures, simultaneously demonic and angelic, emerging from these pillars. They declare themselves to be Barbatos, Astaroth, and Daruka: the fallen servitors of the dark god Rudri.


Vesuna has disappeared! In the midst of what seems to have been a fierce battle between a group of adventurers and the demon Daruka, a loud crunching sound was heard and over half of the seemingly-impenetrable Walled City has been reduced to nothing but a crater, along with her populace! The Princess of Vesuna is safe in Firehammer Hold, but her dear city shows no sign of its return…

The Raze of Centralia and the One With A Thousand Eyes

Spring 2022 Coordinated Campaign


An article published by the Centralia Guardian:

As we all know, beginning nearly a month ago, people across the world started becoming more lax, day-dreaming. Some who fell to this “illness” report having dreams of seeing a large “blue moon.” This effect became more and more pronounced, and has hit the factory-town of Prall on our great island the hardest, an estimated 75% of the population becoming increasingly lethargic. This had an unprecedented effect on the iron production of Prall, which had closed its foundries in the first time since their opening. However, it appears that this illness has passed, in no small part to the contribution and goodwill of the Archer, Shaylyn, and Cromwell families, but the work still does not resume at its ordinary pace. At this time, the Centralian nobility assures the public that production rates will stabalize back to normal soon, and that there is no need for worry, all is well.

A manifesto from a group calling themselves “The Prallian Party” has been distributed around the same time as the article above. Notable excerpts are provided:

We are the Prallian Party, and we hereby make our voices heard! Too long have we suffered under the heel of the so-called philantropists of Centralia City, with its gleaming facades scrubbed clean by the calloused hands of the people of Prall. Too long have their spit-shined boots rested on the backs of the people of Prall…
…under the leadership of Vicaria Steins, we make our demands known, trumpeted across the Rhine so all can hear our voice and know our names. Not only do we demand an increase to the minimum wage for all citizens across Centralia, we demand that Prall separate itself from the chains of Centralia City and be recognized as its own self-governed and independant city-state, and granted the political and diplomatic rights laid below…
…and until such efforts be made and proper negotiations held, the foundries of Prall shall lay cold and dark as the longest night of Pim; no hammer shall fall, no pickaxe shall ring, and the workshops shall remain quiet and empty, so our voice can be heard from Little Karfelon to Ocean Shore, from Pregada to our proud streets of Prall, and most loudly upon the ears of Centralia City.

It is rumored that the high lords and nobility of Centralia are coming together for a meeting on how to best deal with this development, and reports of protests have erupted across Prall. While no violence has started, it has the potential to boil over.

04/12 - 04/21/10079

A series of daily reports from the island of Centralia documenting the raze of Centralia City:

4/19/10079. A dark cloud spreads from the carnival near the city of Prall. Reports of a disaster spread fast, a being released from the dreaming into Jaern. Within a singular day, it seems to have gained control of the city, extra tattoo's of eyes appearing on those who pledge allegiance to it, along with unseen powers. An army having been amassed, they marched on Centralia. Scouts and mages ahead of time were able to warn the denizens of the city of the incoming army, but they were unable to stop it. Not a single casualty was reported of this force. Eye witnesses say that it was being led by a small flock of At'enites, but it has been hard to verify, as they are always in wait for any who might try to interfere with them.
4/20/10079. The city of Centralia has been abandoned and razed by this invading force. Black smoke can be seen billowing up into the sky, with a singular large eye in the clouds over the city. Torites have been amassing in force to retake the city, but even still with preparations. Very few of this invading force have fallen. Of those that have, they appear to be commoners of Prall. Factory workers with no discernable mutates or unusual abilities.
4/21/10079. The T’orite high command has issued a statement that nobody is to go within a 1 met radius of Centralia, at risk of arrest, or death. Announcements will be posted as details are figured out. As of now, they are still processing their foes.


Breaking news from the Centralia Guardian!

After aiding Count Lekira of the Spring Court, a party of adventurers were able to complete a greatly empowered Spirit Snare over the entirety of Centralia City. The snare was able to forcibly remove the divine influences the strange At'enites, now associated with a being called “The One With a Thousand Eyes,” had over the citizens of Prall. With the citizens returned to normal, the city of Centralia has been made safe again, allowing the Centralia Mages' Guild and the Centralian Lords to return and resume normal business within the next few days1).
However, at the behest of Count Lekira of the Spring Court, both the Prallian party, Centralian Lords, and the adventuring party were gathered together to decide and resolve the issues between the city of Prall and Centralia City, as continued tension would only lead to further disasters. It is reported that the adventurers were able to sway the Centralian Lords to give into the demands of the Prallian Party. Thus, as of today, the city of Prall is now an independent city-state led by the Prallian Party and Vicaria Steins has been elected the first chancellor of Prall. All charges against the Prallian citizens were dropped and they were allowed to return home.
As part of the negotiation, Centralia and Prall have now entered into a trade agreement allowing Centralia to import Prallian goods, notably iron and steel goods, but at market prices set up by Prall.
In additional news, the T'orite Enclave in Centralia City has suffered severe damage and is currently under repair. It appears that, in addition to damage to the structure, internal documents, evidence, and supplies may also be damaged, missing, or tampered with. The responsible party has not yet been found. While the Enclave will be back up within a week, full repairs to the structure may a few months.

The Jaernian Blizzard


Suddenly, during the early hours of the evening, Osirisites across Jaern and Julians across Cahyali noticed that they could not cast any of their spell above Rank 3. The top priests of Osiris are currently looking into the reason why this happened, and reportedly has visited the At'enite Temple to beseech the Seers on advice.


A notice from the Rougtero Tribune:

On Obern 28, the entirety of Jaern was engulfed in a planet wide blizzard, a extreme weather phenomenon that caused damage and devastation to a mostly temperate planet. Islands between the two tropics were hit the hardest, as they found themselves ill-prepared for the onslaught of wind and snow, which left roads dangerous to travel, and without proper heating and insulation, reports of hypothermia and frostbite run rampant. The Rougtero Mages’ Guild is sending out a request for all Fire Mages to assist with warming homes and community shelters.
The Centralia Mages’ Guild have issued a public service message on how to prepare for such weather, as the Rhine has experience with the Freeze each year, and communities are encouraged to follow the notice to best provide for their population.
Due to inclement weather, delays in shipping routes, both by land and by sea, are to be expected. Our thoughts and prayers to Neptune go out to all traveling by sea today, in hope of providing safe travels in the storm.

Mages’ Guilds around Jaern are working to find the source of this effect, which has been confirmed to be magical in nature.


News from the Vesuna Daily:

The storm continues over the Ageron islands, and last reports state that the bridge to Gaea is still out. Notices from Solariums across Jaern state that their doors are open to those who need shelter from the cold. Daytime spells are being cast to provide warmth, and food is being prepared for those who are hungry. This support is given out of generosity and good will, and any who would like to support the cause can send donations to the local Solarium.
The individual known as “The White Blood,” responsible for the mass distribution of the Shadowlight Treatsie, has still not been identified or any additional details discovered. The inflammatory remarks against Ra and his Church have certainly found their way across the land and perhaps the recent actions by the Ra’ites are an effort to show that they are not the imposters so-claimed by the White Blood, or perhaps the move is a gambit to lure victims in to the Solariums under a continued guise of good will.
There are those on both sides of this conflict, people who have flocked to the words of the White Blood and heralded them as someone unafraid to speak the truth, while others defend the Ra’ite Church as a paragon of light and order. While the storm has prevented any wide scale protests or conflicts in the streets, the animosity between families, friends, and communities can be felt in the chilling wind.


Osirisites have regained use of spells above rank 3, although the month long disruption in their spellcasting has still not found any explanation.


News on the Jaern-wide Storm:

It has now been over 5 months since the start of the planet-wide blizzard, but as Kild begins and marks the start of Fajrofojo, hope looms on the horizon. Warmer weather has reduced the effects of the storm to milder winds and snows, and a few trade routes have reopened. The Solariums of Ra and Natatoriums of Neptune have banded together, and called forth a joint mission to counter the blizzard and return Jaern to normal.
However, it seems more strange happenings are being reported across Jaern. At’enite Temples across the world have been mysteriously abandoned, and left to ruin. Reports of time lapses or anomalies grow more common, and the Mages’ Guilds are at a loss for what to do.
A beacon of green light can be seen from across Ageron, extending from Firehammer. Reports of similar beacons are coming in from various other places: Kratal, Lojem, and far in the north, beyond the Rhine.


A report from the Centralia Guardian:

As mysteriously as the planet-wide blizzard began, the wind begins to die down, and the snowfall abates. The clouds part and the sun breaks through once again, quickly warming everything up. It will take some time, as the air and water are all still quite cold, but the warmer seasons are quickly asserting themselves.
Things are going to be wet and muddy for a while as the snow melts and normal weather patterns assert themselves again. The priesthood of Osiris is out in force, using their magic and abilities to jump-start the growing of crops, and will continue to work with farmers until harvest time.
Accompanying the first lessening of the winds, an odd wave of energy crosses the entire planet, filling every living being with the desire to create life. It is not a compulsion, and no one is forced into any action. It's just a good feeling that washes over everyone and everything. The animal live is reacting to the sensation with fervor.
Finally, for those who have a connection to such things, Vashana, the Spring Queen has been restored to her full power.


The church of Tarus, as of today, has officially opened up membership to people of any gender. Persons identifying as female are now welcome to join. However, it is recommended that such new members be aware that some of the more established members still hold some of their views, believing that women are not fit to join the priesthood. So while the doors are open to all, it is far from being completely free of sexism. The notion and feelings of the institution still makes it difficult for non-male-identifying members, just due to some of the mid-managment beliefs.

Making this transition all the more difficult is the head of the Thoth Church on Cahyali, their equivalent of the Tarus Church here. High Priest Alphonse Granin has taken it upon himself to shun these new rulings from Jaern, and spread his own views and opinions about how the priesthood should function, which comes dangerously close to sounding like radicalism.

The Threat of Ishar Magaroth Plagues the Rhine

Fall 2021 Newbie Campaign: Dead Man's Waters


Ports from around the Rhine Archipelago report in increase in pirate activity, and sources from notable towns such as Helmrest on Taegel, Port Davis on Southport, and Sunkissed Pier on Devimetra report that some of these pirate vessels seem to be manned by crew of undead. These concerns have led to the hiring of new adventurers to address this threat.


/The sound of a far off trumpet was heard across Jaern; the source remains unknown, but reports from various Mages' Guilds around Jaern all confirm that the sound was heard at the same time.

Representatives from the Harena Trade Union of Cahyali have also reported across the Otherworld that the same sound was heard across major cities in Ley’ork, and there is a high likelihood that this trumpet sound was heard across Cahyali as well.

An update on the planar collision: the plane that has collided with Jaern has been given a name after first reports have come back to the Centralia Mages' Guild: A plane-wide organization called the Albion Empire appears to be the main government of the series of islands there.


Headlines in Helmrest And nearby local news sources report:

Ladies and Gentlemen, things are becoming even more chaotic in the city of Helmrest after an unnamed cloaked individual reported that Professor Fatima Abiduan may be a pirate corrupting the city from within! Once Captain of the Guard Gorth managed to scrap together enough arms to perform an arrest on what may have been a dangerous individual, they stormed her office in the University, only to find that she was gone entirely. Not only had she disappeared, but the Jetro Research Center also reports dozens of sensitive projects and research have been stolen, as well as some of their best researchers and students missing as well. If anyone has any information on where this criminal absconded to we request that you file the tip at the Tidesquall Precinct at Helmrest.

Ishar Magaroth is Defeated, and the Rhine celebrates the Festival of The Tides


A celebration rings out across Jaern, as the year comes to a close. Communities across the world celebrate the Festival of the Tides at local Natatoriums, as gifts are exchanged and resolutions for a new year are made. This year, celebrations are two-fold in the Rhine, as Port Davis, Southport hosts a celebration for both the defeat of Ishar Magaroth and holiday joy in the midst of what looks to be a lengthy Freeze in the Rhine.

At the stroke of midnight at the end of the 10078th year since The Founding, reports across Jaern and Cahyali are coming in, with communitie all describing a singular event that appears to have affected the entirety of both planes for a brief moment. An eyewitness statement:

It was as if the stars were disappearing one by one, something was wring but the people around me were busy celebrating to notice. I thought for a moment that perhaps this was some sort of astrological event, but then I realized the obvious truth: I could not see the stars because something was blocking them, it was moving and flowing all across my vision, snuffing out more of the stars in the sky until every last one was gone, it took mere seconds! And then I saw the black sky open up an eye, and following it were hundreds more, all looking down upon the planet, before a second later they were gone and the stars were back, and the Natatorium nearby rang the midnight bells. I swear I'm not crazy!

Some similar accounts have been collected by individuals accross Jaern and Cahyali. Mages' Guilds and Universties alike are looking into the phenomenon, but little headway has been made.


The Centralia Mages’ Guild has finally released an official statement about the planetary body that appears to have collided into Jaern earlier this week. While the information is still incomplete, we know that adventuring operatives have already been sent to explore. Luckily, it appears that this “moon” did not physically collide with Jaern in the cataclysmic sense, and that some sort of planar magic may be at play.

Officials at the Mages’ Guild urge others to avoid the “collision” site. The trade routes to Kratal and Geleia have been disrupted, but there are Neptunians working on establishing temporary detours in the meantime.

The “moon” appears to be spherical, less than a quarter of the diameter of Jaern, with a visible atmosphere as well as land masses. It is now intersected with the planet of Jaern, similar to a bubble that has formed and extruded from a larger bubble. The orbit and rotation of Jaern appears not to be affected as of yet.


Update: The Black Star has disappeared from the sky of Jaern after adventurers were dispatched to confront it. The plane appears to be safe.


Mages and Priests are confounded about the astronomical phenomenon now visible in the sky since last night (Centralia Time): a large black object with a red corona around it, about the size of the sun, Onra, in the sky. News has dubbed this new astral body the “Black Star” and some groups around Jaern have given it the name “Onrudri” and are claiming it is the start of an apocalypse. The Centralia Mages’ Guild is already coordinating efforts with the Rougtero and Jersey branches to look into and find out what is happening. So far, no harm or change has come to Jaern, but experts call for people to remain vigilant and wary.


An adventurer from Koth, an island in the Ageron Region, reports:

“A five-headed giraffe-hydra-thing went on a massive rampage and destroyed part of the town, the town walls, took out an entire generation of Koth archers, caused a few suicides with a Mass Fatal Attraction [spell]. [The] creature mysteriously vanished, after leaving town.”

The town mentioned is suspected but not comfirmed to be Toth.

Jaern Switches to the Gold Standard


The banks across Jearn release a notice that most businesses and hirings across Jearn are encouraged to use the gold piece as the standard unit of pay, rather than silver. The conversion rate is 10 pieces of silver to every one gold piece.


Wedding announcements and celebrations are heard across Lojem, as notable adventurers were invited to the marriage of Osiris and N, to be elevated as the demigoddess Summer during the marriage. Reports from those who attended the wedding state that a cloaked figure warned the attendants to be on guard during the wedding. Thus, the wedding was relocated to a grove to the north of Rougtero, where the World Tree was planted in a defensible position. As the ceremony began, the entity known as Anti-Osiris sent in hirudo werewolves in an attempt to disrupt the wedding and drain the divine power of Osiris. This resulted in a massive and lengthy battle, where the adventurers and Osiris emerged victorious. The ceremony was completed, and N was elevated as Summer, and formally retired from adventuring. A short story based on these events was published in the Rougtero Journal, although it is highly dramaticized in many sections.


A mass exorcism as cast in the city Vesuna, clearing out all the necromancers and undead from the territory. The citizens of Vesuna have returned to find that most of their belongings are misplaced but largely unharmed. Koth has returned to being on roughly equal footing with its competitors in Ageron.


The crystal towers that were around Jaern all shattered, scattering crystal shards everywhere, which absorbed into the soil. This resulted in a revival of the Tarus priesthood, and the archives across Jaern were restored. The Tarus priesthood is still minorly disliked due to the reputation of suppressing and hoarding dangerous knowledge. Tarus gained two spheres of influence: Secrets and Subterfuge.


A report in Taegel tabloids reads:

SCANDAL!! The previous Taursuian Full Archivist of the Taurusian Archives in Helmsrest, Daeris Kelbelar, has been arrested by the faiths for murder, theft, destruction of property, breaking and entering, and conspiring against the city-state government. A trial has concluded, but his fate is yet to be determined. In the interim, Kelbelar is held under high security.

The Creation of Ageron


There is now a new continent on Jaern: the three islands of Ageron, Koth, and Gaea.

With shifting markets and repairs underway, the Centralia Mages' Guild (CMG) will be re-establishing their goods and services with updated prices, to be released soon. In the interim, it can be used to purchase prep or provide services at GM discretion using the previous documents.
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