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The Modern Age

After a lengthy period of poor recordkeeping, archivists of the Centralia Guild of Wizards have begun collecting and recording events, near the beginning of 10078.

The Creation of Ageron


There is now a new continent on Jaern: the three islands of Ageron, Koth, and Gaea.


The crystal towers that were around Jaern all shattered, scattering crystal shards everywhere, which absorbed into the soil. This resulted in a revival of the Tarus priesthood, and the archives across Jaern were restored. The Tarus priesthood is still minorly disliked due to the reputation of suppressing and hoarding dangerous knowledge. Tarus gained two spheres of influence: Secrets and Subterfuge.


A mass excorcism as cast in the city Vesuna, clearing out all the necromancers and undead from the territory. The citizens of Vesuna have returned to find that most of their belongings are misplaced but largely unharmed. Koth has returned to being on roughly equal footing with its competitors in Ageron.


Wedding announcements and celebrations are heard across Lojem, as notable adventurers were invited to the marriage of Osiris and N, to be elevated as the demigoddess Summer during the marriage. Reports from those who attended the wedding state that a cloaked figure warned the attendants to be on guard during the wedding. Thus, the wedding was relocated to a grove to the north of Rougtero, where the World Tree was planted in a defensible position. As the ceremony began, the entity known as Anti-Osiris sent in hirudo werewolves in an attempt to disrupt the wedding and drain the divine power of Osiris. This resulted in a massive and lengthy battle, where the adventurers and Osiris emerged victorious. The ceremony was completed, and N was elevated as Summer, and formally retired from adventuring. A short story based on these events was published in the Rougtero Journal, although it is highly dramaticized in many sections.

Jaern Switches to the Gold Standard


The banks across Jearn release a notice that most businesses and hirings across Jearn are encouraged to use the gold piece as the standard unit of pay, rather than silver. The conversion rate is 10 pieces of silver to every one gold piece.


An adventurer from Koth, an island in the Ageron Region, reports:

“A five-headed giraffe-hydra-thing went on a massive rampage and destroyed part of the town, the town walls, took out an entire generation of Koth archers, caused a few suicides with a Mass Fatal Attraction [spell]. [The] creature mysteriously vanished, after leaving town.”

The town mentioned is suspected but not comfirmed to be Toth.


Mages and Priests are confounded about the astronomical phenomenon now visible in the sky since last night (Centralia Time): a large black object with a red corona around it, about the size of the sun, Onra, in the sky. News has dubbed this new astral body the “Black Star” and some groups around Jaern have given it the name “Onrudri” and are claiming it is the start of an apocalypse. The Centralia Mages’ Guild is already coordinating efforts with the Rougtero and Jersey branches to look into and find out what is happening. So far, no harm or change has come to Jaern, but experts call for people to remain vigilant and wary.


Update: The Black Star has disappeared from the sky of Jaern after adventurers were dispatched to confront it. The plane appears to be safe.


The Centralia Mages’ Guild has finally released an official statement about the planetary body that appears to have collided into Jaern earlier this week. While the information is still incomplete, we know that adventuring operatives have already been sent to explore. Luckily, it appears that this “moon” did not physically collide with Jaern in the cataclysmic sense, and that some sort of planar magic may be at play.

Officials at the Mages’ Guild urge others to avoid the “collision” site. The trade routes to Kratal and Geleia have been disrupted, but there are Neptunians working on establishing temporary detours in the meantime.

The “moon” appears to be spherical, less than a quarter of the diameter of Jaern, with a visible atmosphere as well as land masses. It is now intersected with the planet of Jaern, similar to a bubble that has formed and extruded from a larger bubble. The orbit and rotation of Jaern appears not to be affected as of yet.


The church of Tarus, as of today, has officially opened up membership to people of any gender. Persons identifying as female are now welcome to join. However, it is recommended that such new members be aware that some of the more established members still hold some of their views, believing that women are not fit to join the priesthood. So while the doors are open to all, it is far from being completely free of sexism. The notion and feelings of the institution still makes it difficult for non-male-identifying members, just due to some of the mid-managment beliefs.

Making this transition all the more difficult is the head of the Hestapheous Church on Cahyali, their equivalent of the Tarus Church here. High Priest Alphonse Granin has taken it upon himself to shun these new rulings from Jaern, and spread his own views and opinions about how the priesthood should function, which comes dangerously close to sounding like radicalism.

An update on the planar collision: the plane that has collided with Jaern has been given a name after first reports have come back to the Centralia Mages' Guild: A plane-wide organization called the Albion Empire appears to be the main government of the series of islands there.

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