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The Jalera Reign

While the Jalera control over Jearnians only lasted about 4 months, the events that preceeded and followed, including the Jearnian Refusion, are also documented here.


A T'orite's situation report reads:

“An explosion occurred in Port Haven killing many civilians and doing considerate property damage. Isis stepped in and revived all the casualties but the property damage remained. Witnesses saw a cloaked figure placing a statue at ground zero minutes before the explosion. Port Haven authorities are seeking more information on the incident.”

The Gods Depower Technology


There is now a magical divine field surrounding Jaern and some other planes. This stops all technology within the area to cease functioning unless it is magically enchanted to enhance its functionality. This must be a permanent enchantment, once a day will not suffice. And the enchantment must assist what the device does so an effect Lamp gun will not work, but a +1 gun will. This field also subtly steers away technological craft from the orbit of Jaern, navigation systems will just fail to set a correct course or some other convienient malfunction will occur1).

The technology affected is anything higher than native Jearnian2) technology, guns will fail to fire and machines will not run. Passive stuff like Kevlar armor will continue to function though it cannot be made on Jaern.

Also, as a result of an anonymous person, the train that was being built from Rougtero to the Portal Farm and from Southam up the length of Gelaia is now running again3). It will run once a day because it is the only engine covering a long route, but it is only a few hours ride from Rougtero to the Portal Farm and half a day from Rougtero to the north end of Gelaia via Southam. It is not actually known by anyone not in the train guild what powers the train right now.


A T'orite announcement is sent out around Lojem:

“Velman Boutho, the Labor Representative on the Rougtero Council, was found dead in his home today. Foul play is suspected and an investigation is ongoing. If you have any information, talk to a Council member or Jormar Oldarth at the Solarium. An individual to replace Velman will be selected within the next week.”

The Jalera Come to Jearn


An adventurer's journal describes the first meeting of the Jalera:

“[I] traveled with a healer who called his race Jalera. This healer looks like a 4' tall humanoid bearlike creature. After talking with him for a while we told him about Jaern and all the adventuring that goes on. After the adventure. he and some other healers of his race found their way to Jaern and have begun offering their services in order to help better the lives of others.

These healers will heal anyone that comes to them for free and they will accompany any adventures that hire them for only 10 silver per day4). Only one healer will accompany any one party as they are relatively few in number and do not wish to risk multiple people on a single mission. They follow their own god, but their capabilities are similar to Isisites5).

Also, another group of Jalera has set up shop in marketplaces in the Portal Farm and Centralia. They sell select utility magic items in order to help make people's lives easier. Each item is 100 silver. Since supplies are somewhat limited, they have allowed each person to only make a purchase one time. You can purchase all 6 items at once or only a couple of them, but no matter how many you purchase you cannot purchase any more from them again. Trades between other people of these items are not hindered in any way.”


A T'orite's situation report follows:

“In the middle of the afternoon, part of the street outside the Stopover Inn exploded, killing a few people and injuring others. A few seconds later, a portal opened nearby and hundreds of men in suits of black full-plate and black helmets poured out of the portal. Many guards, T'orites, and a few adventurers engaged them. After 15 minutes of fighting, the group killed many of them and drove the rest back through their portal which then closed. Several T'orites and many guards were killed, a few of the invaders were captured alive, most of them with their groins cloven in half for some strange reason.”

The Jalera Reign Begins


Below is an excerpt from a documentary about the Jelaran Reign:

At about 8 PM Lojem time, a massive spell effect went off. This spell made every person who had ever purchased, or was currently carrying, any of the Jalera's magic items to begin feeling the effects of a powerful spell6). Thanks to rich and greedy adventurers, nobles, and other well-off people, about 90% of the population of Jaern experienced this.

Every person that succumbbed to the magic was now under a mind controlling spell. This spell forced those people to obey the law and follow the commands of any Jalera. The Jalera are the 4 foot tall bearlike creatures that were selling the magic items, and as soon as this spell was finished, they began showing up in all the major cities of Jaern in large numbers. The laws that must be obeyed included standard laws, such as “no fighting or stealing,” but also included that any person affected by this spell could not try to get this effect removed and must report any people that they notice were unaffected. They also could not tell anyone that they are under the effects of a mind control spell.

The Jalera announced that they are doing this for Jaern's own good to reign in the lawlessness and random killings that are so common on Jaern. At the beginning, the common people seemed relatively happy with the situation, since they are now protected from random violence and theft. The T'orites remained mostly unaffected by the spell due to their Inner Balance drill, but they cooperated anyway with the Jalera to keep the peace.

The portals were stationed by guards, accompanied by a Jalera who could use Detect Captivation, anyone who was captivated was allowed use the portals freely. Anyone who was not, promptly arrested. Arrested people were eventually visited by a Jalera who then cast the spell to control their mind, if they did not resist they were let free.

End of Jalera Reign


An adventurer's logbook reads:

“Last week Kira threw a large party in Rougtero. She spread the word throughout Lojem and to other parts of Jaern and it was a huge party. Partway through the party, she got up on a stage along with Cronk and another man and they announced that they had a big surprise. They all pushed buttons and disappeared in a flash of light. A few seconds later, all the Jalera vanished from Jaern and everyone on Jaern was released from their mind control spell7).”

It was later uncovered that the Kira and Cronk mentioned in this logbook entry were the deities Vormaxia and Zepherin, respectively, before they ascended to godhood. The third unnamed man is assumed to be Almar.

The other planes affected by this are ones in which the Jaernian gods hold sway, essentially it is up to the GM whether this affects their plane or not
book level
The player character donated a magical engine that they had in town action. They now have one engine powered by an item of effect Dervish to pull their trains
Any GMs can use them on their games and players may also hire one at the GM's descretion
the Isis spell list should be used for them for simplicities sake since all GMs already have this list available
they must attempt to make a 5d6 versus WIL check
Anyone who was not on Jaern at the time is still affected, but as soon as they return to Jaern the effects will be gone
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