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Dear Member,

I am sure you know that the current plague situation has hit Jaern hard and that the Centralia Guild of Wizards is doing its best to assist with efforts to control and eventually eliminate the plague. It is to this end that we request that all members capable of doing so learn the new healing spell that we have spent so long researching. This will assist in relieving the stress of others that are currently helping by increasing the number of healers available to the general public. There are many teachers at the temporary guild extension in Little Karfelon that will teach it to member at no cost.

Also, Members might be interested to know that we have made more discoveries concerning the plague. We have discovered an ancient prophecy foretelling of this event. It states that “life will return and the horrible disease will be swept from the face of the planet.” This gives us hope that the plague will not be our end, but only a temporary setback. We will endure and we thank all of the people helping the public through it.


Wilhelm Grafen

Centralia Guild of Wizards

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