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A Theory About Recent Events

by Phil the Sage of Rougtero

Recently, I have been looking into the dark prophecy that was delivered only a few weeks ago. Lately there have been groups of people gathering on street corners and in local taverns to discuss the prophecy of doom and gloom. Most readers will not need reminders of the circumstances surrounding the delivery of it. And there are almost as many interpretations of the meaning of the prophecy as there are people discussing it. One group, in particular, has a possible interpretation that may have particularly dangerous ramifications.

Omaro Hepato joined such a group only a couple of weeks ago, and would describe them as “a loose collection of people trying to make sense out of the prophecy and to reduce the damage it represents.” They haven't given thought to a name for the group yet, says Hepato. I had the opportunity to speak at length with Mr. Hepato about the prophecy and the group he joined.

Their interpretation revolves around the idea the At'ena has sent the prophecy. We all know that many months ago, priests of several faiths seemed to lose touch with their Deity for a time. Speculation around those events went so far as to suggest that many of the gods perished in the Cataclysmic Meteor Storm. These speculations have not been neither confirmed nor denied by my investigations. This group, however, puts responsibility for the prophecy directly on At'ena, saying that She is upset at Her followers for abandoning Her when other faiths were revived very quickly.

They intend to investigate their particular interpretation in a peaceful manner, however they have not ruled out the possibility of trying to push various city elders and ruling councils on many islands to pass laws to govern the populous into “rightful action” should they find enough evidence to support their claim. “People need to know that there was a reason such a dark prophecy was delivered. People need to know that there is a path they must follow, and a consequence for straying. We want to keep as many people from getting hurt as possible,” says Hepato.

There is not enough evidence to either confirm or refute their claim at this time, I believe. Therefore, I will continue to ask questions and seek answers as befits my scholarly vocation. Perhaps one day soon we will know what was intended, and to whom we can grant responsibility for the dread warning, or the devious prank, as the case may be. Perhaps we may even know in time to prevent the dark times foretold.

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