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The History of Jaern

The written history of Jaern is compiled from a variety of separate accounts, transcribed here in this library by the archivists of the Centralia Guild of Wizards and the Kira Institute at the University of Helmrest. Work is constantly being done to fill in the gaps of knowledge and create a more objective record of events. If you believe you possess knowledge that is not presented in this library, please contact the Head Archivist and arrange a meeting1). All years are presented as SF (Since Founding). Events are presented with the most recent at the top, and most ancient at the bottom.

The Modern Age (10063 - Present)

Purge of the Kurago (10061 - 10063)

Return of the Dragons (10057 - 10060)

The Hegemony Scourge (10054 - 10056)

  • The Jaernian Refusion occured, stripping Jaern of its portals and magic.
  • The Rougtero Guild of Wizards was constructed and opened.
  • The Hegemony conspired to taint Jaern with demonic magic, and were ultimately defeated.
  • It is believed that the Hegemony worlds have all been wiped out.

Lost Records (10052 - 10054)

The Jalera Reign (10049 - 10052)

  • The Jaernian Gods put up a divine field over their planes that causes interplanar technology to fail.
  • The Jalera come to Jaern and mind control Jaernians to instill order.
  • The Jalera are expelled from Jaern during Kira's (Vormaxia's) party.

Lost Records (10047 - 10049)

The Great Plague (10044 - 10047)

  • A plague spreads across Jaern.
  • The Centralia Guild of Wizards researches the Lesser Heal, Heal, and Greater Heal spells for Common Magics.

The Age of Reckoning (10038 - 10044)

  • The gods were killed, and many priests lost their divine connection. Slowly, the gods began to return.
  • The Ordination spell group was researched during this time2).
  • The Great War of Lojem occurred during this time.
  • The reign of the Rougtero Council of 10044 began. This naturally led to the current state of the Rougtero City Council, founded in 10047.

The Adventuring Eras3) (9997 - 10038)

Lost Records (9123 - 9997)

The Reign of the Veiled Empire (7837 - 9123)

  • Historical events that happened long before the art of adventuring began on Jaern, but this time period holds large interest to archeologists, historians, and archivists.

Jaern Enters the Onra system, Tysyl and Torandor are Destroyed (circa 7800)

  • Cracks in reality allowed the first nomad Guardian Spirits to enter the Kurago.
  • The Kaaren of Destruction landed on Jaern on 7812 SF.

The Mythical Founding of Aldeberon (On Torandor) (0)

  • The Elvesbane plague occurred on Torandor, in the Jelwah Province (5352)

Cahyali Historica

The history of Cahyali has been collected over time by the Cahyali Historical Association, and has carried on in collaboration with academic circles the world over, including the Ulos Magic Circle, Ruefang College of Mages and Scholars, Vahsi Panditudu School, and Vervand College. We seek to uncover and document the histories of each country of Cahyali for public viewing and education. Work is constantly being done to fill gaps in time and ensure that events given are as truthful as possible. If you believe you possess knowledge not given in this library, please contact the Head Archivist.

All years are given relative to the founding of the ancient Dahabu Empire, as SF (Since Founding) or BF (Before Founding). For further details on the timelines and histories of each nation, see the Cahyali Historical Initiative landing page.

The Modern Age (~10000 SF-Present, Worldwide)

  • The Modern Age is marked by adventuring becoming a commonplace profession across Cahyali. Adventurers with various backgrounds, alliances, and motives have become a major driver in the course of history.

Mafia Era (9800-10000 SF, Arenti)

  • During this time, a variety of organized crime families ruled Arenti, bypassing all governmental attempts to curb their power. These groups have since spread out all over the world, now operating in all of Eastern Cahyali.

Violet Rain Plague (8530-9540 SF, Vervand)

  • A highly contagious disease hit Vervand during this time, greatly affecting the environment of the Alliance (economically and culturally) despite its relative localization to Vervand.

Ley'Ork Occupation of Splint (8530-9500 SF, Splint)

  • Following the defeat of the Zinaparo Kingdom, Ley'Ork has held a tight grip over the Splintian peninsula and made persistent efforts to quash and assimilate local culture. In 9500, another front with Pthora diverted Ley'Orkian attention, resulting in Splint revolutionaries being able to throw off foreign control.

The Fist of God Incident (8518 SF, Ruefang)

  • A guild of mysterious wizards in this time attempted to pry the Ruefang leyspring from the ground using an enigmatic ritual. This ritual went wrong in the last moments, resulting in the destruction of over half of the Ruefang continent and leading to intense magical corruption in the area.

Dynastic Era (5700-8518 SF, Ruefang)

  • Following the fall of Dahabu, Ruefang passed hands between four dynasties, each leaving their distinct marks on the culture of the region.

Day of Solar Wrath (4524 SF, Dahabu)

  • No one knows exactly how this calamity occurred, or why it only affected the Dahabi, the world over. Records are clear: at high noon on the summer solstice of 4524, the sky boiled red. The Dahabu continent was scorched in firestorms, becoming a desert wasteland - and no matter where they were on the planet, over 90% of Dahabu citizens were killed, with those who survived losing their souls.
  • Some scholars compare this incident to the Elvesbane plague in Jaernian history, and point to the similarities as proof of the two planes' mysterious fated link.

Esrior's Fold (~3000 SF, Worldwide)

  • During the height of Dahabu's global reign, a faultline appeared ringing known Cahyali. It persists to this day and is magical in nature, creating seas rough enough to sink any ship and winds strong enough to crash any aircraft. Mishra and Neptune have claimed responsibility for its creation, but have given no word on their motive.

Sinking of Quetzalcamina (~2000 SF, Itlan-Youali)

  • Hounded by the forces of the Pharaoh, the Tonameyoti Atlaca people made the decision to fully retreat underground and seal themselves into the underground realm of Itlan-Youali. Evacuations began, and the aboveground capital of Quetzalcamina sunk into the depths, hidden forever just as Dahabi armies appeared on the horizon…

Ancient Dahabu Imperial Era (~1000-4524 SF, Worldwide)

  • Under the rule of Pharaoh Anpu-Khasti, Dahabu swept across the world and leveraged their immense arcane power to conquer ten out of the eleven modern-day countries of Cahyali. Pthora was the only one to resist. Every Cahyalian nation still bears the scars of Dahabi colonization to this day, though millennia of time has let them fade.

Founding of Dahabi Empire (0 SF, Dahabu)

  • Due to the sweeping colonization of Cahyali by ancient Dahabu, the Dahabi calendar is still used to this day. It uses a reckoning date of the Empire's founding.

Shinnean Rule (15 BF-1779 SF, Shinneok)

  • The Shinnean Kingdom invaded the rest of the Oxian subcontinent in antiquity, exerting control over the regions that have now become Vervand and Arenti. This occupation lasted until Dahabu's arrival. Remnants of Shinnean culture are pervasive across the Oxis Alliance.

Rise of Mortalkind (~3,000,000 BF~3000 BF, Worldwide)

  • It is thought that the first mortals on Cahyali were elves, originating on the Dahabu landmass. Scholarly consensus seems to follow that they arose from a form of primate touched by extraplanar energies, likely from the Kurago or Dreaming.
  • Dwarves were soon to follow, sailing in and alighting in the mountains of Pthora from the east. Little is known about the homeland of the dwarves from beyond Esrior's Fold, but some Pthoran historians have termed it “Nidaheim”.
  • Humans are believed to have originated in a continent, now inaccessible due to Esrior's Fold, somewhere north of Shinneok. This place was connected to Shinneok by a land bridge in ancient times, and humanity has occupied known Cahyali for tens of thousands of years.
  • Halflings arose in the Ulos area following human migration southward, with humans going on to migrate and spreading worldwide. Humans and halflings gradually diverged, with halflings undergoing a phenomenon known as island dwarfism, which is believed to contribute to their small stature.
  • A population of halflings is believed to have migrated into the Dreaming about 100,000 years ago, being touched by the plane's esoteric energies and eventually becoming gnomes. Following a cataclysm in the Dreaming, many gnomes returned to Cahyali.
  • Most lizards came to be underwater at an unknown date during this timespan. While Desert Sandtails evolved via migration inland to Dahabu and the Oxis Alliance and Draconics arose due to close contact with dragons, Kleemudor are believed to have crash-landed from the Onra system planet.
  • Orcs are believed to have first evolved from an extinct carnivorous mammal in the Heartlands area, with normal orcs being the first, followed by goblins and giantkin after centuries of isolation in the mountains and on the coasts, respectively. Beasthides insist they were divinely created by Julius, and scholars have failed to come to a consensus on their origin.
  • Avians migrated into the continent later on, arriving from the north. The name of their original homeland has been entirely lost, though upon arrival the mobile groups of Avians quickly spread out and assimilated with other extant communities.
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