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The God Pact

This pact was created by the Jaernian gods in order to establish an idea of what is and isn't acceptable behavior within the Jaernian god structure. It was ratified by all the gods of old and Orus sits at the head and handles any disruptions to the pact.

. Anubis is solely responsible for collecting the souls of the dead. Upon entry to Infero, a soul will be routed to the proper location within Infero based upon their primary following. In the event of no god following, the soul will remain in the generic (a.k.a. boring) part of Infero
. Gods are not to interfere, except in dire emergencies, with the normal flow of Jaern history unless called upon by a priest or follower.
. No god is to possess a soul of a priest of another god. As all souls flow through Infero, this should never occur.
. No god is to use another gods artifact items to gain additional power by draining them. They may be used by other gods for their originally intended purpose.
. No god is to stake claim on a plane that another god within this pact has already staked a claim on. This will prevent gods from fighting over planes.
. No fighting during meetings. This was added after a confrontation between Ra and Rudri at a previous meeting.
. Any new members or new terms to this pact must be ratified by a two-thirds majority vote, with Orus having two votes as head of the pact.

Members: (members in bold are in voting status)

Votes: 11, Majority: 8

Orus - Head (2 votes)


At'ena (rarely present)







Tarus (missing since the planer shift event)

Old T'or (missing since the god ship destruction event)

New T'or (Orus currently proxy votes for him)

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