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Wyren Von Otto

Born to Vestel and Maria Von Otto in the industrial city of Prall, most notably in the Alley, one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city. Wyren and his brother Rosie were the only two members of the Von Otto family, though the family could trace their lineage all the way back to the veiled empire and one of the founding tribes of the empire, the Val-Otts.

During the night of of his 10th birthday Wyren returned home from working in the factories all day and spent a lovely evening with his parents, despite the poverty they were happy. Until late at night a group of nobles from centralia barged into the house and slaughtered Wyren’s parents, kidnapped his brother, and burned his house to the ground. For 3 years Wyren wandered the city and became a common criminal.

Eventually Wyren was taken in by his soon to be arch enemy, Mr. Hours and joined the Moonlight carnival under the new name Asher, the red jester. At age 25 he was abandoned again by the carnival and knew his mission was to grow strong enough to kill the high lords of Centralia. But that day would never come, instead Wyren eventually broke through the brainwashing of his mentor, becoming a demon of grief in the process in Lumenoctis and forming a deep friendship with Midna Atemest, Alics, and Nys.

Wyren would continue on adventuring for years and grow in reputation as an adventurer who could never stay dead for long. He became a werewolf and lead a tribe of werewolves, founded the city of Midnight’s Rest, became a guardian of the light, a champion in the League of Legends, reunited with his brother Rosie, and married the demoness Lilith.

This all lead up to the discovery that Wyren, the real Wyren, died years ago in the swamps of the Dreaming and that he had been a dreamt being this whole time, he was the walking desire to continue living despite all odds. Eventually Wyren defeated his mentor Mr. Hours, his career as an adventurer officially ended after sustaining great injuries during the defense of Midnight Rest when it was attacked by titans.

As of now Wyren is fully retired and takes care of his many children who now have spread across the world and across dimensions, the one uniting trait is their red hair and cocky smile just like Wyren.

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