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Retsu Mezzo Trigona

Retsu Mezzo Trigona, known informally as the Black Chimera, is a strange creature to behold as a 6' 5“ figure in strange demonic armor with six arms and a 10' tail shrouded in darkness…in fact all of it is, from head to toe. The armor, inlaid with divine runes denoting the blessings of Rudri, keeps his delicate complexion safe from the interests of passing Ra'ites as one of the few Hirudo old and powerful enough to find little risk in being open about the fact. Even rarer, Retsu is a skeletal lich completing his ensemble with the types of fangs and talons that look like they could seperate a tank - because they did at one time.

Inspite of appearances however, Retsu is a fairly jovial and straight forward person who takes a very defensive approach to work and has been known to simply drop a job if he's died once doing it. Approaching his 60s and becoming an adventurer at the earliest legal age, he has been at the business for decades and accrediates much of his success to a series of “relationship upgrades” wherein he acquired a patron, took their powers, and then killed/ate them. Mystical patrons don't do background checks apparently.

For those who would do their due diligence - Retsu began his career by betraying the first people who agreed to adventure with him to Lord Dune, killing him, becoming ingratiated to the then Rudri, becoming a Hirudo with a direct lineage back to the god, and then borrowing some tools to magically remove his skin and achieve immortality as a bone lich…in one day. After that, deciding that was probably enough power for the time being, Retsu continued to accept any offer for more power and still got killed by a tree (twice.)

Retsu took up gardening to learn the weaknesses of plants but upon discovering they are basically everything went on to instead pursue a career in using their corpses to make it a crime to bother him, becoming a prominent legal advisor and contract drafter under the study of Tanis. Combining his interests, Retsu for roughly 30 years ran the Black Chimera Acres where he developed his ideals of Ethical Hirudism (eating only the willing and people who double-park), raised several magical plants, and attended to the needs of his descendant Hirudo and adventurers with a variety of services. This would eventually culminate in picking his entire operation up, putting it on the back of a continent-sized wolf corpse, and spending several months converting his operation into a carnival.

After a brief incident requiring the dismantling and devouring of a god that didn't pay park admission, the Black Chimera Carnival has developed into a hot spot for magical education into all things dark, forbidden, and parasitic as well as being voted “Park of the Year” every year in a row because there are no other parks to compete. He has retired from adventuring to pursue the rearing of his own children, management of the carnival, and an educator for students in the applications of necromancy to get the best deal on your soul bargain with Mammon (a Carnival regular.)

Mr. Trigona is also in possession of a mysterious artifact called an “Adventure Quest Jaern Manual” but as this is a cognito hazard, all mention of this tome is [REDACTED].

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