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Quinn, Goddess of the Vigil and head of the Olympian pantheon. Quinn has sought to become the greatest warrior that Jaern has ever seen, and by many others opinions, accomplished it. But, she has not lived up to her own standard and as such, continues her training and adventuring, seeking to become the best by her own interpretation and desires.

Quinn's history proves a bit difficult to document, especially the further back one looks. Her story begins on the beaches of Jaern, washing up on the shores of Centralia as the tide rolled in. She was quickly rescued by Neptunian's and brought to an Isisite temple where she was brought back to health, but unfortunately without a memory. She was sent to a Vormaxian temple at the time, but the memory restoration spells proved fruitless on her.

Without much guidance, Quinn wandered the city and was gifted a bit of money and gear by some adventures, namely D'na, Corrigon, and Twelvesie. They roped her into going adventuring for the first time, which for her proved to be natural and she exceled at it. Some of Quinn;s earliest adventures included going to the Halo worlds, clearing out a cavern of giant beetles, and solving a giant clock riddle game. But with all of this, her first true test came during a, adventure involving spirits and ghosts on the advent of 'all hallows eve'. It was here she learned that she was no basic human, and proved to be highly resistant to the possession and mutation effects of the mission. At the end of the night, she found that she had sprouted a set of angelic wings, beaconing that she had some form of divine heritage, but she had no idea what.

Two years passed before Quinn would get any more guidance on what her history was. Due to a stroke of luck, Quinn was challenged in a combat by a extremely powerful psion who she later found was named 'Sweets', due to her extreme love of candy. In this combat, while many of Sweets allies were slain, Quinn had mercy and spared her, leading to quite a extreme set of circumstances that resulted in Sweets being set free from the control of a 'Umbrella Corp'. Quinn and Sweets slowly worked out a relationship which somewhat turned into a romantic interest to each other. Sweets was able to use her extreme psionic powers to undo some of the mental blocks that had been placed on Quinns mind, revealing 2 things. First, that a god of Jaern was the one who placed the mind block on Quinn. Secondly, that Quinn had be a part of some form of experimentation from the same corporation that had been experimenting on Sweets.

Quinn moved to follow up on this lead, destroying bases of this corporation until… absolutely nothing came of it. Sensing their impending doom, some other adventurers moved just a bit faster than Quinn was able to, and proceeded to shoot the people Quinn needed into deep space. Leaving her without answers or leads.

From here, Quinn went back to 'passive adventuring' where she continued to gain power and hone her craft, now focused on raising her common sense and archery levels to beyond that of even the gods. During the next two years, she grew two more sets of wings, killed a blood god, broke off the relationship with Sweets and eventually settled into a very passive lifestyle of adventuring. She also opened a bakery that went bankrupt in the first three months. She was also deemed a champion of 'god' and given angelic powers after being mocked by other adventurers for not being a 'true angel'. But all in all, she was truly biding her time and waiting for any more information on who she was.

During her break, just after she got back into adventuring. Quinn met a woman named Demeaux within the city of Midnights Rest who also turned out to be a minor demigod in hiding. One who hated her own origins and wanted to move forward. She noted how emotionally fragile Quinn was during this time, due to how Quinn felt like she had failed with her history and her past love interest. Demeaux and Quinn took things slow, both being guarded but wanting to slowly open to the other. While not noted at everyone point, Demeaux played a large supportive role in Quinns next upcoming years of adventuring as a stabilizing character in the background.

Four more years passed during which time Quinn was in a psuedo retirement, eventually coming back when rumors spread around Jaern about a lost god that was returning to Jaern. The twin headed dragon of T'or, corrupted by the lord of blood. This game turned into a legendary game, where Quinn actually shredded the evil T'or god proving she was an actual power to be reckoned with on Jaern. On the small plane of the dying dragon. Quinn found Crasilus, her long lost brother and one who had been kidnapped by the evil pantheon of the Jaernian gods. Crasilus still retained his memory and was able to inform Quinn of who she actually was…

Crasilus informed Quinn that she was part of Artemis' bow. That Quinn was never intended to be a 'person', but that several weapons of the Greco-Roman pantheon had been stolen by 'Old Ra', also known as the mad god due to the events of the godship incident. Old Ra had been the leader of the 'Umbrella Corp' from Quinns previous adventures, and had actually being doing experimentation on Artmeis' bow. Splitting it into four sections and given sentience to try and create mass weapons of war to fight the other Jaernian gods. However, during one of the battles from Old Ra and new Ra, damage was done to the facility that held Quinn, causing her to be ejected into the oceans of Jaern where she woke up years ago.

Now, with a direction to go, Quinn set about on a warpath taking down all those who she felt had wronged her in her past. She followed a path that took her to the core of Jaern where the old godship was located, damaged but being repaired by Old Ra. Quinn was able to rescue her two remaining 'siblings' Zebredila, and Erekius during the final battle with Old Ra. As part of such a heroic act, Quinn was able to draw the attention of her 'family' back on Mt Olympus, where she ended up being summoned after this campaign ended.

Quinn was greeted as a long lost hero and her memories restored at this point. She was given a throne on Mt Olympus to be a part of the gods meeting there, and was given the title of a minor god. Goddess of the Vigil. One who watches for interplanar threats and seeks to eliminate them. And for a while, everything was good. But Quinn quickly grew bored with the gods squabbling on Mt Olympus. The games that the gods played and their abuse of mortals. Quinn, growing extremely confident with her abilities by this point decided to become a god among men, taking her wreath and stepping into the mortal world once again. Without any of her god powers, but still a god among men. She raised a VERY powerful following of people within the city of Athens, and word quickly spread about her. That a god had come and was actually teaching people once again, like they had centuries before. She was able to revolutionize the rights of people, overthrow bad actors of the state, and give women an outing in the roman empire should they want to train.

Quinn was eventually called to a land far to the east of Greece by the missing god Amaterasu, of the Japanese empire. During which campaign, she was able to resurrect a pantheon of snake gods, who pledged fealty to Quinn. Quinn also now had the form of a lamia, should she feel like transforming into it. Quinn also raised an army in this land of Kirisu, becoming another legend among men and defeating Tanavo, the first aragami. As a reward for her gift and saving Amaterasu, Quinn was raised by her to be a god in Kirisu as well, still being goddess of the Vigil. Quinns army that she had trained in archery started her priesthood here, and Quinn departed back for greece, sensing a incoming problem.

Within Greece upon Quinns return, Verathragna was making a move to take over as god of death in the greek pantheon. Coming south from the lands of Persia and successfully casting aside Charon, Verathragna actually posed a serious threat to the Olympians. So Quinn called in other adventurers from Jaern to put down this threat, which was done handily. However, Quinn was furious with many of the Olympians and their lack of effort to even lift a finger at the incoming threat. So once Verathragna had been dealt with, Quinn with the help of Zagreus, Hephastus, and Dionisys caused a coup and overthrew Mt Olyumpus herself. Casting aside most of the Olympians and sending them into exile, with a promise they can come back when they prove they have learned from the events that have transpired.

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