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Phoebe Kyo

Played By: Dan Weller, @scizor021

Pheobe Kyo is originally from Centralia City, where her parents lived as minor lords. Being fabulously wealthy, they still were too cheap to take care of their daughter in her infancy, which - combined with a genetic defect, had left Pheobe completely blind.

Pheobe left her parents at one of the first opportunities, turning to a life of crime and arrogance, being used to get away with just about anything due to her parents influence. Though this quickly turned sour after gathering up a hefty debt and being abused in the crime world due to her blindness. During this time, she was able to learn how to echolocate by clicking her tongue and gained it as a form of vision. After this Pheobe took up adventuring which is where her real story begins.

During her early days of adventuring, luck seemed to be on Pheobe's side. The jobs were easy and extremely lucrative. Too lucrative. One of Pheobes earliest missions was to watch cattle while the 'high rates' went and did their own thing on game. As her reward, Pheobe was given a billion silver while the high rates got mythical magic items for slaying an archdevil. Yes, you read that right, a billion silver, so 100,000,000 gold pieces.

After this, Pheobe became a bit of a legend in the underworld of Jaern, and not long after became a vampire on a adventure. She flexed her wealth in front of her parents often, and actually killed them when she got bored one day. By all intents, Pheobe was and still is insane.

After this point though, it can be debated if luck was on her side. One of the next missions left her in a strange predicament where she was in the direct eye and gaze of Isis. Isis was toying with some adventurers, because she longed to see what it would be like to live a mortal normal life. Isis put them through a test of aging, where they completed trials at different ages, from extremely young children, to old folks about to pass in a nursing home. During which, something Pheobe did resonated with Isis, forever changing both of them.

When Pheobe awoke, she found that she had “given birth” to the newly reincarnated Isis, and was tasked to raise this new Isis. She did so, taking her in as her own and curbing most of her insanity for a time, and actually taking some responsibility in her life. In order to age up Isis, Pheobe threw her birthday parties for each age. After turning 16, Isis did cure Pheobe of her vampirism and was content to continue aging on her own. She does still stay in touch with Pheobe, and is helping her regain her mental sanity over time. Pheobe provides some support and helps all of the temples of Isis she can with her untold wealth.

Since then, Pheobe has changed substantially as a person. Both physically and mentally. She still loves and keeps in contact with her daughter Isis. More recently, she had to change classes to Psion from warrior due to a cursed item from a jail break T'orite game. Currently, she is wearing shackles and is looking for a way to break the curse on them and get them off without causing her own death.

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