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Erica Wiren

Erica is a living spirit who can change her appearance as she wills it. She is primarily an immaterial woman in her early 20s with brown hair and a white stripe down the center. She also tends to appear as a red squirrel or a 13 year old girl.

She is known to have lived in the mansion of Dusk in Centralia city and does indeed have a room there.

Her main occupation is that of a spy/information gatherer. Since she can make herself invisible and walk through walls she does well at this. Combining that with her ability to change her appearance to that of anyone and perfectly imitate their voice (if she has heard them speak) she can be good at infiltration. The problem is her acting skills are lacking and can lead to people catching on that who they are talking to may not be who they believe her to be.

She is not right in the head and knows it. She will talk about how she had lost her soul and then had it restored to her only to loose it once again when she fell unconscious for days in the Kurago. She keeps her soul, which appears to be a 12“ doll that had been left in a fire, in a drawer in her room.

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