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Cal Tepiv

Cal, also known as “the Jackal” is a warrior priest of Anubis and Osiris. He appears to be a 6'2“ human with long black hair in his early 40s but is much older and not quite human.

He will normally be wearing red robes with black edging and oversized sleeves and a jackal mask. His left eye is covered by an eye patch. When in combat he wears a jackal shaped helmet that does not have eye holes. He carries a modified shield with a leather covering with the holy symbol of Anubis on it artistically made of branches. The shield has a mount for his Orb of Ra to provide light.

Typically his feet are not touching the ground, unless a floating individual would disturb the senses of the locals.

He has an apartment on the second floor of the Centralia Guild of Wizzards and lives there with his daughter Aña Tepiv.

He enjoys a good drink and will hit on good looking women even when it is not appropriate. Known to interject when employers are trying to hire him. He will also talk while in combat.

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