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Aña Tepiv

Aña is the daughter of Cal "the Jackal" Tepiv and the priestess of Scrogg Raven Hooker. She lives in Centralia's Guild of Wizzards with her father.

She stands 6' tall with blond hair and green eyes. Like her dad she will generally float above the ground as she goes about her day.

Her adventuring outfit is a full body suit she acquired from another dimension. It is green and fuchsia with a hood. She also carries a shield and steel long sword in combat.

Besides being a warrior she is also a priestess of Osiris.

Aña has an OTHERWORLD portal bag that goes to the same planet/dimension as her father. The bag opens into the western wall of a cut out room in the side of the volcanic island not far from Cal's opening. Further into the volcano is her bedroom. There is an exit tunnel about 10 feet in length that after crawling through exits behind some shrubs. From there it is about 100 yards to the beach portal.

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