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Badigadi, known as the guild master of EMS on koth, and the worst Osirisite, is a interesting figure to behold standing 9' even with 6 arms, jet black scales, and purpleish and whiteish hair down to his waist. He's also known as Jaerns demonic patron of fun, going around attempting to spread chaotic joy to everyone. A less commonly known fact is he has a 20' long tail that's generally wrapped around his waist in a more prehensile form, but in a untransformed state is a actually a standard aquatic lizards tail. No ones really sure where he came from, only that one day a large 6' tall demon was suddenly fist fighting corrupt gods in the name of osiris, that after the events of the scourge invasion was suddenly 9' tall. He's always seen wearing very nice clothing, often a white suit with small stripes and a blue shirt and matching hat holding a strangely large brief case in his bottle left hand. As the founder of EMS Adventurer's Guild he maintains a relationship of peace amoung all priesthoods including ra'ites, hirudos, and t'orites in the guilds among many others, the guild maintains a strong importance of it's number one rule of “everyone has fun”.

Known as both a kind loving, and chaotic person, Badigadi maintains a level of neutrality by openingly assisting everyone, and having occasional whims for his own entertainment. In more recent years after events of OWATE he's taken a more back seat role to focus on trying to help newer generations of adventurers take rise, and take down stories of adventurers whos time has come to pass. He's been focusing on spreading his eyes and ears to take on as much knowledge of happenings as possible, as he is the never changing pillar, he felt he should use it to the worlds advantage to record and recall events from the front lines. Even in events of great peril he's often trying to make sure he's not trying to solve everyone's problems, and instead assisting in granting glory to those around, sometimes going so far as to take on a lesser known persona to take off some of the pressure for others in being in the presence of a legendary adventurer, or leave people thinking that it's fine he'll take care of them, so that they try their hardest not knowing he's watching their back as intently as he is.

In his personal life Badigadi has taken up learning more about sailing and animals as well as drafting recipes for wines beers and juices. These interest while all have various points of when they started, have been wrapped into his whimsical nature, often dropping off barrels of juice and booze in random town squares free for everyone. He's taken up cooking and bar tending to compete against his daughter Kisha in non-combatical ways and is occasionally seen working at a newer adventurers restaurant who goes by the named Spice. Spice shares a special relationship with Badigadi as Spice is his first warlock. Little is known about other warlocks of Badigadi, but there are rumors more exist. Kisha is Badigadi's only known child, but people have over heard Badigadi and Kisha talking about others, Kisha herself was only revealed to people outside of EMS when she started adventuring as she is the child of Badigadi and the mortal who rose to be Osiris's demi-god Summer. Little is known about their relationship other than Osiris, Summer, and Badigadi have a weekly Tea Party rotating who host it every week to share and catch up. Some theorize that this is a weekly review as to why Osiris shouldn't boot Badigadi from the priest hood, not that anyone has actually overheard such talk when it's been hosted at the guild. Often just stories of new adventures and plans are shared. Kisha is rarely seen joining them, but does on occasion.

Badigadi upon meeting Retsu stared him up and down and said “High 30?” and the two completed the 6 armed high five, thus coining the high 30 and becoming wonderful friends. Badigadi's also seen with his right hand man mirthal on occasion, but are rarely seen adventuring together these days. Badigadi is more commonly seen adventuring with Sakuyo Mikage, Spice, or Uthor if he's traveling as himself. Occasionally Badigadi is reportedly spotted in multiple places at once and assisting with multiple concurrent events, in events of natural disasters he's often seen on the scene assisting in repair of wild life or saving of forest and fields, his daughter Kisha is often seen assisting with searching through rubble saving people and reuniting families. Badigadi is always joined by a voice named “Happy” , a symbiotic fungus that lives in Badigadi's lungs. Happy has a very chipper and cheerful personality, but dislikes people who needlessly harm nature.

When fully killed Badigadi’s soul enters a state of reincarnation where his soul constantly is pining unborn infants as possible host bodies, upon being deemed incompatible the ping sometimes leaves an effect on the unborn infant known as a Badigadi factor. When a suitable host body is found, it is replicated and Badigadi’s soul inhabits the copy to be born as a “twin” to the unsuspecting parents. While this hasn’t happened in known history, there’s an entire document in the EMS guild dedicated to assisting people affected by this inconvenience and how to deal with the situations that arise from it. The Badigadi Factor often leaves traces of Badigadi’s power within the child as random mutations, increased unit pools, or other enhanced abilities.

In combat Badigadi is often seen just using his fist and is rarely not seen laughing as he enjoys a good fight with a strong opponent. He also uses 6+ light sabers or pool noodles from time to time, that’s sparked jokes about “Summer Edition Badigadi” and “General Badigadi”. The pool noodles are from Badigadi’s zanpakuto Uncle Bob, which seems to deal non-lethal damage which only further adds to the jokes of “Summer Badigadi can’t hurt you”. In group fights he’s often seen jumping in front of hits for allies or casting Osiris spells to aid them, on rare occasions using pure demonic energy, or summoning lightning to do his bidding. When wielding 6+ weapons no one’s really sure how, nor dares ask how Badigadi wields the additional weapons as they just seem to be floating around him acting on their own, many suspect telekinesis but no one has seen him use it on anything else, and psions claim it just doesn’t look right to be telekinesis. Badigadi’s use of lightning never seems conventional, as the abilities are generally not something known, but he seems to enjoy playing with the lightning itself. No one is really sure what actually would fully kill Badigadi as he’s been seen coming back from being body destroyed in a matter of seconds, multiple times within a few minutes, as well as having been the epicenter of massive explosions and walking out completely fine dusting his clothes off.

The guild Badigadi runs Eclipsed Moon Society (EMS) Jokingly referred to as Jaern Emergency Medical Services and End My Suffering, is welcoming of all. Its main entrance is on koth in the basement of Badigadi’s mansion. The basement consists of 11 multi-dimensional floors, and 2 physical floors that actually reside on jaern. On the 10th Basement floor each member has an assigned room that has full living quarters, living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and an empty room to do with as they desire. On the 11th basement floor there’s a dimension of infinite baths, it’s a long hallway with many doors to various bath types, swimup hot tub bars, as well as some casinos and gambling halls of sorts. Some of the basement floors are more developed than others, the 6th being the most heavily populated with a population of over 40k people living their. It has an entire enclosed ecosystem and economy effectively. Many adventurers even not in the guild are seen visiting it to use the Amphitheatrum, a colosseum where people can fight to the death without actually dying. Many squabbles between members have been suggested to be dealt with there, often to the amusement of others if the duelers allow spectators.

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