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The Purdue Fantasy Club meets every Saturday starting at 5:30pm in Stewart Center, with club games starting around 7:00-7:30pm. We are typically on the third floor in Room 310, but postings near entrances to the building should have exact room numbers, as well as this information shared in our Discord server. Anyone can be part of the club, being a student at Purdue is not a requirement.

We have compiled our local rule changes and materials into a Player’s Guidebook (Last Compile: 1/11/23) that adds nearly all of the Fantasy Club's local rule changes. This is the preferred manual that to use within the Fantasy Club. See the Guidebook page for an overview of how the PFC guidebook is organized.

You are not expected to know the system when you show up for the first time. We are glad to teach anyone that wishes to learn the PFC’s system. The only thing you should bring is a pencil, possibly some dice, and a desire to learn and role play.

Our club mainly uses our Discord Server to send out announcements and disseminate information, as well as being a place to hang out with each other, and even includes channels to host online games.

Discord: Send a friend request and a message to one of our server moderators to receive an invite:

  • IndominusMex#5137
  • Regexil#8808
  • ams52899#6204

Facebook: (not very active)

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