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Rougtero (a.k.a Red Dirt) is located in the south, central coastal region of the main island of Lojem. The land was originally given by the Elves to the refugees from Karfelon when the sea wall collapsed and the city was buried under the ocean in 10017. Since then, the city has grown and has become a major force in the economy of the Lojem region.


As of 10047, the city of Rougtero is run by a council body consisting of representatives from: each major temple, the merchant guild, the laborer guild, the service provider guild, the shipping/trading guild, the mage guild, and the adventurer guild. While some of these “guilds” do not formally exist, the groups represented are able to write their representative at any time with issues relating to the city. As of 10055, the following groups have members on the Council:

  • Anubis Temple
  • Isis Temple
  • Neptune Temple
  • Orus Temple
  • Osiris Temple
  • Ra Temple
  • Scrogg Temple
  • T'or (Shared by the Stockade and Enclave)
  • Merchant Guild
  • Laborer Guild
  • Service Provider Guild
  • Shipping/Trading Guild
  • Mage Guild
  • Adventurer Guild
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