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The Kurago is a quasi-plane of existence. It exists alongside most planes and is often a spiritual reflection of the plane it is aligned with. The plane itself cannot support biological life and the souls of creatures that remain there for more than 24 hours will die potentially leaving the creature's mind with the remaining spirit.

The structure of the plane resembles to a degree the main plane it is aligned to. The natural features will be represented and over time the spirit of artificial structures will coalesce into existence. The more activity takes place in the structure the more spiritual energy will build up in the Kurago. This spiritual representation can also exist beyond the destruction of the actual building depending on the energy build up. This can leave an echo effect to those who are observing the plane.

The Kurago aligned with Jaern is the home of the Nomadic Guardian Spirits. When the planet Torandor was ripped apart it caused cracks in reality that some of those left behind were able to enter. These people subsequently died having no source of nourishment but found that despite the death of their bodies and souls their spirit did not dissipate. They learned to exist in this new form and eventually found ways to connect to the new world and convinced some of the survivors to bond with them bringing about the first Nomads.

The are other spirits that reside within the Kurago which may try to bond with beings in the living world. A spirit without a body or magical methods will often dissipate within a day once outside of the Kurago.

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