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Weto, a small peaceful village with many secrets. Being isolated and with a small population, on the outside it seems very peaceful and nice, with a small inn for travelers to stay in. But as all adventurers have learned, truth is often stranger than fiction.

In this village, is it not uncommon for people to vanish. Male, Female, Old, Young. It never seems to matter. People go missing in the forests. Just a fact of life here. Most of the bodies end up being found out in the forest, mutilated by claw marks or torn apart.

Meriff: Aaron the Migherful…. people generally dont think very high of him, plus being a small village with more magic than not, people tend to not care who is in charge. He is both the sheriff and the mayor, not that anyone actually cares, at all. More of a position meant to deal with people from Darnation bugging them about resources.

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