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The Southern Forest


The Southern Forest of Ageron is a dense forest on the southern end of the Ageron continent. The forest stretches from the Basal Sea on its southern and eastern ends to the largest river of Ageron in the west and to Firehammer Hold in the north. There is a legend about there being a lost elven city in the treetops, but no proof of this city existing has been found.

Geography and Biology

The Southern Forest borders the Basal Sea on its southern and eastern corners with the largest river on Ageron bordering the west end and Firehammer Hold to the north. Because of its location the land is very fertile which has attributed to the foliage growing large and dense and living for a long time. The soil is nearly a black color due to it being fertile and is the easiest indication of the fertility. The terrain is somewhat rugged. On its northern half it has sloping hills and rough terrain. The terrain starts to flatten out a little bit as it approaches the sea on the southern end but does not completely flatten out. This results in natural dunes along the southern coast. The sand on the southern end is fine and a brown color. The coast along the western end has natural dunes as well but the the fine sand of the southern coast is replaced by a natural shell beach and any sand in that area is white color due to being made up of mostly ground shells from the shell beach. There waterfront along the river is mostly the same color of dirt as the forest itself.

The biology of the forest has been heavily influenced by the fertility of the land. The trees that make up this forest grow tall, dense crowns and thick healthy trunks and roots. The the wood is a hard wood and the leaves are a dark green color and are shaped like ovals. The ground foliage is made up of many types of ferns and bushes and thorns and is very dense. It takes a lot of effort to trek through the forest. A small path made by an animal may be found every now and then, but even they do not create an easy journey.

The animals that inhabit this forest are rather larger compared to normal variants due to the minimal humanoid activity. They are not easy to spot however due to how dark it is in the forest and their natural camouflage

Finds and Observations

Due to the legends of the lost elf city there have been any research groups that have studied the forest. They have found some interesting observations.

When you get close to the center of the forest the trees start to form a shape in the way they have grown. They have grown in a circular shape and at the center of this circle is an old stone table like structure with ancient runes on it that have yet to be deciphered. The table has been found to be as old as the forest itself.

As you travel through the forest every now and then you can find what appears to be stones from old stone structures with ancient, undeciphered runes on them.

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