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This island, inhabited by both normal sentient Jaernian species and a few native species not known to any other island, is considered home for approximately 100,000 people, 70,000 of which are newcomers in the city of Unity. The island itself is incredibly magically charged, which on occasion has odd effects on those living there, especially the mages and the spells they cast. Due to the extra energy, the life on the island has boomed, and the flora and fauna grow extremely quickly. The trees usually cap out around 200 feet tall, with a few trees towards the center of the island growing very tall, almost to 300 feet. The north end of the island, while still covered in forest, is also comprised of rolling hills, and rivers which flow through the depressions of the hills. The south side of the island is relatively deforested due to massive logging. There are 4 cities on the island, which are Mar, Weto, Unity, and Cradle

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