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 +====== The Great Rice Patty ======
 +Not much is known about this area of the world. Rumors abound that it is a huge area where the water runs from twenty feet to as little as three feet in depth. This supposedly is the reason it takes so long to circumnavigate Jaern.
 +Here are some tidbits about the Great Rice Patty.
 +The following 'facts' are known about the GRP (Great Rice Patty):
 +  * There is a large production of 'staple' crops such as rice.
 +  * The undersea land of the GRP has been deamed 'too muddy' to build a wall.
 +  * The most common type of dwellings are huts on polls though some of the richer folk have platforms to build their houses on.
 +  * Eels and fish are herded.
 +  * They are rumored to have some sort of 'Water Cow' and crocodiles as another food source.
 +  * The GRP is located half-way between Lojem and Gelaia.
 +[[|External Link of Source Document]]
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