August 15, 2015

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Nathan R
Daran Tomahna (Water mage)
Seph Tu Kan (Come to the Golden Dice Casino and Ra Temple on the Hill)
Fred (He hates everything!)
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)


Adventurers wanted to remove the source of an invasive species. Meet at the natatorium at noon

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were hired to take out a group of super-evolved fish. They found out that there was a lab, where a group of lizard water mages were putting them into situations where they gain new creature abilities. THey discovered that there was another species trapped there(hyper-evolved humans) that wanted to be set free as well, they set the squales free, and stopped the object that was making the super violent fish

Noteworthy Postgame Events