February 04, 2012

Game Master
Richard Antonio da' Silva Walls
Thetgui (Yeah, I did that thing.)
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)
Simjat (The slightly useful auger.)
Joroth ()
Sinat (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Deus Ex


Adventurers needed to investigate odd shadow behavior

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were instructed to meet Francine at the Spectral Meteor and were then to an off-world portal which lead to a world with particular emphasis on shadow magics. The party was lead to a dark cave where they were ambushed by humanoid creatures made of shadow and eventually meet a large 'demon' shadow that confronted the party momentarily before binding and then negotiating with them to depart. Magical items were created by the creature from mundane equipment and distributed amongst party members with the demon then fading away with a magical altar.

Noteworthy Postgame Events