December 05, 2009

Game Start Date
Game Master
Steve Ames
t (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)


Stealthy group needed for infiltration

Plot Synopsis

Once again the party gathers together at Gil's Recruiting Annex in Lil' Karfelon. Gil calls up the cone of silence and informs the party that they have discovered that a Hegemony adventuring group is about to be hired by the Hegemony military to do something against Jearn. Details are a bit sparse but they know when its going to happen and using Voidberg technology they plan to hijack the portal that the adventuring group will use to get to their employer and send their own group instead. The party is instructed to follow whatever orders the Heg military gives them as long as it doesn't screw Jaern too badly. They can also keep whatever payment the Heg gives them.

Just as they are asking "when" a portal opens and five adventuring types come through. They appear a little suprised and the Jaernian group takes advantage of their suprise and quickly put the beat down on them. Two are killed and three rendered unconscious. The two killed, Gil puts a rock on them "to keep their soul from escaping". They then take their place and step through the portal.

They appear in a large columned room. There are many ornate flags hung around the room. In front of the party is a portable table with 3 men seated at it. The one in the middle says that we can skip all introductions since their reputation precedes them and the party should already know who the Heg commanders are. The party asks the mission.

The Heg commander says that their is this lost Jaernian colony world full of badasses. They are to take two sarcophegus there and put 3-5 of these badasses into the sarcophogus. That's it. The commander opens a side door revealing dozens of these stone coffins. The Heg commanders leave. At which point the party remembers that they didn't get the name or location or memloc of this lost world. Nor do they have a way of moving the coffins. After much attempt to find a way to get this info they take the direct approach and just contat the Heg commander. They are given a long string of numbers that they decide must be some form of coordinate system, that unfortunately they don't know how to read. Much debate on that front also until they finally decide to port back to the Heg adventuring groups main quarters and get one of their other members to help them. Erica looks exactly like of the Heg adventurers.

They find a younger member of the party who can do portals. He understands the coordinate system and opens a portal. Tanis and Erica go through with him. They find themselves in a good sized village surrounded by a few dozen armored advenutrers who look more annoyed than suprised. They are immediately attacked. Tanis flies upward and is pursued. The Heg mage steps back through the portal and is chased by 5 locals.

Tanis pulls a disapearing act and gets some alone time to get a memloc. He then returns to the other party members. With the party reassembled they portal to Tanis' memloc. There they find some of the local adventurers still searching for Tanis. They decide that'll work for them since they need to get the locals anyway and small groups are best. They open one of the boxes. A lot of insects fly out. The party then begins the process of luring locals nearby, fighting them and stuffing them into the boxes. This takes a while and is much harder work than they expected. The locals have local resources (dragons and such).

After the party returns to the Heg and collects their reward. They then return to Gil's, report that and get paid by Gil. Mission accomplished. Oh yeah.. they did take a minute to loot the Heg adventuring group.

Noteworthy Postgame Events