October 03, 2009

Game Start Date
Game Master
Steve Ames
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)
Raz-Hason Goodrich
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Von Darwin


Group needed to escort colonists to new world.

Plot Synopsis

The group is hired by Gil to escort some colonists to a new world. Gil tells them that colony one has reported that they haven't had contact with the other two colonies in a while and requested that someone come and check it out. The world is 307 called Sunspot by the colonists. It was found maybe a month ago and a standard survey was done before sending colonists three weeks ago. Three colonies were established: colony one at the portal, colony two up the river and colony three a few days into the woods. The party takes a rough map and go to find the colonists.

The colonists are waiting for them at Alphasight just outside Portal 307 (Sunspot). There are 6 adults and 4 children and a large wagon full of goods. Erica rides on the wagon and everyone else goes ahead or behind the wagon as they go through Portal 307.

Immeidately upon exiting Portal 307 they are met with absolute darkness and they are falling. Suprisingly all party members had some way to avoid being killed in the fall. Erica additionally saved one of the colonist children. All other colonists and the wagon crashed into the ocean below (from a 5 met drop) and were killed. The Party regroups and gathers as much debris as possible hoping that some of it can be salvaged and worst case its a decent raft. Von Darwin creates another raft out of the dead colonists and floats it aways off to distract any potential predators.

Erica flys upward until she spots a small light in the distance, reports back and von darwin pushes the raft in that direction. It is still dark when they make the beach. Erica reports that the light came from a couple hours up stream and Von starts pushing the raft in that direction. Erica scouts ahead and finds Colony One (Brookside). They have a small fire burning outside the fort and a guard wandering around idly.

Meanwhile the party is attacked by a large white ape that leaps upon them from the trees. They dispatch it quickly.

They make contact with the colonists and get caught up. They eat a meal explain what happened and verify that the return portal is where it should be (even going back and forth through it a couple of times). Then they decide to go to Colony Two upstream. They find it in ruins and no survivors. Evidence says it was destroyed by the white ape. Bodies were molested and partially eaten.

The party heads to Colony 3 using a combination of walking and teleport and find much the same. They also discover that colony 3 has been doing a lot of hunting and hide gathering (including a white ape) and infer that this activity caused the white apes to destroy both colonies. Soon after they are attacked by the apes but manage to get the better of them.

They go back to warn Brookside and to give them some advice on better securing their village. Then the party reports back to Gil about their belief in why the colonies were destroyed and that there was a portal malfunction.

Noteworthy Postgame Events