September 12, 2009

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Steve Ames
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)
Vem-Dena Silverwing (Mage, Necromancer, Bladedancer, Spelldancer, Smith, Nomad, Evil Super Genius. Also grew 3 islands of her own and makes the most delicious pies ever to exist in the multiverse. Now a )


Group needed for work. Meet at Red Roof.

Plot Synopsis

The group assembles at the Red Roof. There their employer (Gerard) tells them that he plans to execute the biggest looting mission ever. He says he has an inside tip about when the Hegemony world is supposed to be destroyed and plans to be first on the scene after the previous occupants leave to loot their stuff. He and the party discuss some possible snag points. The party requests some specialized gear that Gerard says he can get. They agree to meet in the alley across the street in 40 minutes.

When the party reassembles on of the adventurers doesn't show. Gerard says it probably doesn't matter as the event is close enough now that it probably can't be stopped and they should still be able to loot at will. He pulls out a memory crystal, stares at it for a few minutes and then pulls another item that opens a small (2 meter diameter) portal. The party goes through.

They find themselves in a park. The park is layed out the same as the previous park they visited with only a few differentiators. People in the park see them appear and turn to look. Erica and Dena quickly change to blend in and Gerard's flashy green suit also changes to fit in. One of the party members quickly runs into an alley and changes out of his heavy armor. Although the group is clearly Jaernian the locals don't really seem to care.

The party leaves the park and assemble near a clock tower. They are unable to read the clock and so Erica asks a child and they are told that it is 3.5 hours until noon. They split up to scope out likely looting targets (ranging from weapons shops, to magic item shops, to banks to museums). During the hours of scouting they see occasional portals open. Inevitably its the same. Two people in white robes step out and say "don't take the cure. Its a trick. Your soul will be eaten." in Garisian and then jump back into their portal which promptly closes.

They assemble back at the clock tower a half hour before the appointed time. Eva sits on a park bench across the street (guarding the invisible cow), the others climb up into the clock tower to watch. Jax assembles a large rifle and watches through the scope. Noon comes and goes. The party notices that the shadows aren't quite right for noon and wait a bit longer.

An hour after noon just about every person on the street just drop, as if someone cut their strings. A few people still stand looking lost and bewildered and then freaking out. Magic still seems to be working, the party declare looting time and spread out. Dena starts to make an undead looting party but notices that the people are still alive, just comotose. She creates some undead material anyway and begins looting.

About 30 minutes after the initial event the whole world seems to shimmer and all magic ceases (elemental, divine, psionic, etc...). Units are drained. Items stop working. Incants go up with a flash and a puff of smoke. Dena's undead looting army drops.

The random survivors of the first event start dropping. The party notices that they seem to talk to themselved briefly and then fall.

The party goes about their looting. All of the top end high dollar stuff looks like it was removed (similar to what high rank Jaernian's did when they knew bad stuff was about to occur). However enough display and operating materials are still left to make a serious hall. Money lenders, banks, museums, etc... all looted. Stables are looted for wagons and wheel barrows.

The party starts noticing that some buildings are on fire (eateries, blacksmiths, etc... anywhere that required active control of fire seems to have lost that control when their controller dropped into a coma). One of the party members detects souls and finds that the comotose people have no souls. Random survivors do until they drop, and then they don't.

All of the loot starts piling up in the park. Jax stumbles across another Paroli speaking looter at a money lenders and puts an end to him. Another small group of looters attack the park in an attempt to gather up some easy loot and are beaten down by the party. Dena at one point spots a portal open very briefly (less than 5 seconds) and a half dozen soldier types (wearing Garizian emblams) come through. They immediately take formation and start scouting.

As the day wears on the streets begin to smell as the natural bodily functions of the comatose continue. Dean and Eva start taking bodies as loot (Dena gauging quality adventuring bodies, Eva thinking in terms of spare parts). Erica finds she can no longer teleport and feels ridiculously solid. Her invisible sword is now visible. The cow also becomes visible.

Other party members start seeing Hegemony squads searching through the city. Pooling information they decide that the squads all started at the outskirts and are moving inward toward the park and will get there around dawn. That will leave approximately two hours of time before the retrieval portal is scheduled to open. A long time to hold off several squads of Hegemony soldiers.

They decide to pack the cow up full of gems in case they need to make a quick getaway. They pack the cow until it is very bloated.

Shortly before dawn the party wakes and takes up ambush spots around the park. Tanis and Dena hand out tech weapons and speed pills. A pretty massive battle follows with the adventurer's pretty much able to keep the Hegemony soldiers from closing (thanks to a solid supply of grenades and guns). The Hegemony soldiers didn't bring any real distance weapons and the speeded adventurers were able to pick off anyone who even poked their head over the wall. At one point a Hegemony squad was reduced to lobbing rocks. When they finally had enough and ran the adventurers had such range on them that they squads just died tired. A few did escape, enough that the party expected them to come back with reinforcements.

At the appointed time the retrieval portal opened... and then almost immediately closed. They expect it to open again in 24 hours at which point they will be prepped and jump quicker. But they also decide to try the slip-cow. There is some debate about who does the test as the adventuerers are reluctant to crawl inside the cow. Erica eventually does it and the cow slips to another plane. Erica finds herself on a 30 foot diameter rock pillar. Looking down it goes a few hundred feet into fog. Looking around other pillars can be seen at irregular intervals in all directions. The cow expels the gems and Erica climbs back inside. She poked the cow and it slips again... in the wrong direction. She finds herself in a large meadow. The cow starts eating. Erica chastises the cow who responds with "corn" and won't say anything else. Erica climbs inside again and pokes the cow. It slides again and she finds herself on a beach. She tries poking the cow again but the cow says "sleep now" and goes to sleep. In the morning Erica finds herself well rested and immaterla again. She pops back into the cow and asks it to go back to the others. She finds herself on a ship with a startled crew. She asks if they might have some corn and they give her some. The cow seems satisfied and slips back to the party.

When Erica arrives she finds the party in the middle of another battle. She uses her regained spell units to drop a fireball on a chunk of the attackers which pretty much ends the battle (no one wants to fight an enemy that has fireballs when they don't). Over the next few minutes her spell energy goes away and she finds herself becoming solid again.

Two other adventurers (Tanis and Jax) load up the cow, crawl in and slide. They can't communicate with the cow or control it and soon find themselves lost and the cow takes a nap. Tanis feeds it wine which teleports it to his dungeon. From there he uses the Livewire card to go to the Livewire and then to his home on Jaern. There he retrieves Jax and they decide how to find the mage on this side tha's opening the portals.

Meanwhile the adventuers hole up waiting for the next portal to open. At the appointed time they all grab sacks of loot. As soon as the portal opens they all jump through... except for Eva who trips and misses the ride home. Gerard asks his mage to spell plug the portal spell and reopen so they can get Eva and whatever other loot they can before it closes again. The mage does so. Eva comes through. The mage says its going fast and they have maybe 15s. They do what they can in that time and the portal drops. The mage looks exhausted ans says: "daaaamn". The party gets back together with Tanis and Jax, retrieve the cow, then use some Erica abilities and memory sharing to retrieve all the gems from the rock pillar world.

Gerard splits up the loot deciding to be a bit speculative on some of the items and giving the adventurers mostly coinage and easily exchangeable gems and trade items. They walk out pretty wealthy.

Noteworthy Postgame Events