September 05, 2009

Game Start Date
Game Master
Steve Ames
Greyson (Marine)
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)


Group needed to secure a traderoute

Plot Synopsis

A ship is waiting at the Lil' Karfelon docks. The docks are empty but for that one ship. The party boards and the ship sets sail as the captain explains the problem. Before he is even done explaining the party feels a planar shift and finds themselves in a fog bank. They are almost immediately attacked by black, winged, female-ish creatures. The creatures open with a fireball, move onto flame breath and then to pain wail before the adventurer's dispatch them. A couple were just wounded and jumped away on lighning bolts.

The captain turned the ship to follow their direction a while later a huge sheet of lightning stops over the boat and 24 more of the creatures appear. During the fight Greyson manages some small scale interrogation, Rachael timestops half of them to even the fight out. In the end they destroy all of them and the captain sets sail in teh direction they came from.

After sailing for a while he declares this a lose and they device a new plan for tracking them to their home and rooting them out. They will tag them with a rare substance and then use Locate to find them. They planar shift the ship to the captain's world (a large salty ocean with serious waves which he seems to enjoy) and then teleport to the captains home. There servents bring rare substances, food and a tad bit of healing for Erica. Then the party ports back to the fog plane and try to lure an attack.

Before long they spot lightning in a distance and are attacked. They easily tag one of them and damage it to the point that it runs off. During the attack the party gets fireballed a lot causing Erica to discorporate. The remaining party tracks the fleeing creature back to its home. They park the ship under a cloud and fly up. The creature (and a few hundred of its kind and maybe double that of a a paler non-winged variety). They snatch one of the winged creatures and find out where "the father" is (from Greyson's earlier interrogation it is known that a large black dragon called "the father" is in charge). They learn that it is flying above the cloud.

Rachael teleports the group to just above the dragon. Greyson grapples a spine on its back and attempts to bite it (weird, must have skipped lunch). Rachael whips a gash on its back near Greyson and then, before the dragon can really even react much, uses her whip to remove its head (magical weapon, very advantageous rolling and a bit of luck amulet goodness). The dragon falls through the cloud scattering its children. The captain calls the mission a success and gives them some precious metals.

Erica wakes up in the Kurago 5 days later. There is a shrivelled and disfigured doll laying next to her that she can tell is supposed to look like her. She leaves it there since its not part of her and she can't port it.

Noteworthy Postgame Events