August 24, 2009

Game Start Date
Game Master
Steve Ames
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)
Vem-Dena Silverwing (Mage, Necromancer, Bladedancer, Spelldancer, Smith, Nomad, Evil Super Genius. Also grew 3 islands of her own and makes the most delicious pies ever to exist in the multiverse. Now a )
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Christopher Scott


Group needed for diplomatic mercy mission.

Plot Synopsis

Party meets at Gil's Pregada recruiting office. Once the party is assembled Gil gets rid of the receptionist and pushes a button. The windows opaque and people feel cutoff from the outside world. Gil explains that the Garizian Hegemony has contacted Jaernian authorities with some outlandish story about a Jaernian attack consisting of unleashing some biological horror on one of their worlds. They claim they have lost thousands on this and demand that Jaern fix it or face their wrath. Gil chuckles. They didn't say "Again" but we all knew it was implied.

Naturally Jaern denies everything to do with this and is on record as saying that it is abhorent. Gil wants the adventurers to go to their world look at the problem, acknowledge that they maybe have seen similar and are completely able to fix it. Obviously they had nothing to do with it but can certainly help. The adventurers acknowledge that they can do this thing. Gil then tells them that they are to come back to him and report their findings and then he will make a remedy available if possible. The party nods their understanding. Gil gives them the location of a mage who will send them to the Garizian homeworld. He also gives them a map of where they will be sent and where they need to meet up with Hegemony leadership.

The party wanders out to do a couple of tasks and then hooks up with the mage. The mage opens a portal and the party steps through. They find themselves in the ramins of a large city. It was burned hot and burned long. Wooden structures and supports are ash, stone structures look to have burst from the heat or nearly melted. There is no sign of any life at all, plant or animal. Erica flies upward and finds that it is the same situation as far as she can see. She does spot the ocean about 300 mets to the east so knows which direction they have to go. The party questions if this is the same city they were in before (which causes some party members to raise an eyebrow since they weren't on that particular trip). Erica teleports to the city they had previously visited and Attachment says that that city is 200 mets north-north-west.

The party starts heading east looking for signs of what has caused all of this devestation so that they can report honestly. They find the burned skeletel remains of thousands and guess, correctly, that those thousands were not infected when the burning happened. It takes them 2 hours to walk to the outskirts of town by which time darkness has come and the monsters start to rise out of the ground. They look once-human, but are now slow and dumb looking with an odd stinger like apparatus where their mouth was. Within a few minutes the monsters start screaming. Minutes longer and their are thousands of them following the party. They party gacks a couple and takes one as evidence and then jump into a bag and have Erica carry them. The trip takes nearly a day but eventually Erica spots the meeting area and sets down.

They meet with the hegemony governor at the harbor masters. They stick to their story and are sure that they have not only encountered this threat on another world but, there, defeated it. Shockingly this was truth. The party says they are not empowered to negotiate but will return to Jaern where they can obtain the required ingredients and information to fix this. They also will take any communications that the governor wishes to pass forward. The governor prepares a letter and the party teleports back to Jaern (or at least the decontamination area).

The party relays what they have found, the listeners are suitably impressed and disguested by both the monster's work and the lengths that the Hegemony have gone to to supress it. Gil gives the party a 50 gallon drum of a greenish fluid and a gem with a button. He tells them to get the fluid into a monster, push the button and they will be cured. Put it in a non-monster and they will be immune. The button can only be pushed twice. Once for the demo that the Hegemony is going to want and another for the real deal after they have gotten it into as many monsters and they can and have innoculated their citizenry. Gil provides them with the recipe for making the green fluid but says that he will not hand over the secret of the button. The party asks if they should be careful of the liquid and Gil suggests that they not have any on or in them when that button is pushed.

The party returns to the Hegemony homeworld with the news. The governor is "amazed" that they were so quick with a cure for a problem they weren't even sure about. The party ignores his sarcasm. The governor insists that the party ingest or inject the fluid before he tries it onhis people. They do (through slight of hand). The governor then calls his mages and teleports the party to a farmhouse. The farmhouse and its surroundings (in a 40 foot radius from the center of the house) are an untouched island in the midst of burned out devestation. The governor looks saddened by everything around him. He says this was his childhood home and he couldn't bring himself to let it be destroyed. He gestures and it is obvious that there are multiple churned dirt patches in the midst of all the burned out areas. "There", he says, "are the people I grew up with, the people I knew. Family. All monsters now.". He sounds a little sad, a lot angry, and fully committed to seeing a solution or seeing retribution.

As the sun starts to set the party goes out and digs up one of the monsters. It apparently isn't dormant during the day, just not happy with the light. It instantly attacks and screams causing other nearby dirt patches to stir. Soon there are dozens of monsters and the sun has set. The party starts injecting the green fluid into monsters who's primary attack seems to be stabbing with their stinger and clawing. Occasionally they will throw a worm or just let one lose if they are grappled. Once they have injected a sizeable portion they start beating a retreat to the farmhouse. Even injected monsters are still monsters and they keep attacking. The governor takes a worm to the eye which instantly penetrates. Two party members inject him which scares him even more than the worm maybe. During the battle one of the party (Rachael) utilized a black thorn whip that materialized from a black rose. Very distinctive and something that the governor noted.

The governor decides he's seen enough and pushes the button. Instantly all injected monsters revert to human form. Dena recognizes that there are now humans out with the monsters and attemptes to help them. Some start running toward the safety she offers until one of the governors mages yells "Thats a JAernian! Run away" and they humans vere off. The governor explains that they need to see the immunization effect also. They'll watch these humands for a week or so to make sure they don't just get reinffected. He says if all is good then Jaern will have the deal the requested.

The governor's mage points out that the governor got hit by a worm. The governor nods and is escorted upstairs. The mage returns alone and teleports the party back to the harbor masters office. There they party returns home and reports what happened to Gil. Gil takes any of the green fluid they still have and reminds them to be very quiet about this mission but is confident that peace is just around the corner.

Noteworthy Postgame Events