June 06, 2009

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Allison Mattes
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)
Karl Lector (Your friend and mine... he's a helluva nice guy)


Adventurers needed to retrieve bones of ancestors. Meet Ometeca at Devils Den in centralia at noon.

Plot Synopsis

The party members entered the Devils Den all before the alotted time with Erica arriving first yet showing up in the middle. Fifteen minutes before noon, Ometeca, a large woman who was ornately dressed in orange extravagent robes walked into the meeting room. There were sandwitches and drinks in the meeting room.

Ometeca briefly mentioned her desire for the return of the bones of the ancestors which were in the hands of rivals. Awhile ago a stress in the universe caused the magical walls of their city to collapse, killing all but a very few of the people there. Ometeca wanted to use the bones of their ancestors to recreate their people but the Lords of Xibalba did not want to let the bones go. The party would be given 1000sp each to retrieve the bones and keep them in good condition. They were warned that the Lords of Xilbalba were tricksters, but had formalities where they needed to be addressed by their correct names which were unknown to ometeca. The party left portal 73 on the platform.

Upon going through the portal, the party was in a reddish cave that was not well lit, but had two exits. One exit led to the outside which was a desert while the other led down further into the cave. A man came from deeper in the cave and had a beak-like hat (like an eagle). He introduced himself as Tezcatlipoca and informed them that they wanted to go further down the cave.

They traveled down the cave with Yeuth and Erica scouting for traps. First they came upon a river of pus where if they made a 3d6 per check they had to make a 3d6/4d6 health check depending on how close they were to the river or vomit from the putrid smell. Dena cast stone bridge which allowed them to get across.

Next they came to a crossroads where each entrace was labeled with a direction: North, South, East, West (the party came out of the West). In the center stood a dwarf who nodded to people as they greeted him. He said he'd help them along their way if they could answer his riddle: First you throw away the outside and cook the inside, then you eat the outside and throw away the inside. What is it? There were a few answers to the riddle, one of which the party answered correctly: chicken. The dwarf told them the correct way was North. Dena and the dwarf talked about pies, and the dwarf mentioned an old recipe his mom had which Dena didn't involving a special ingredient called pulque. If Dena returned to him with the ingredients he'd show her how to make the pie. Dena never returned with the ingredients.

Further down the path there was a trap which Yehuth found that was a very basic trip wire that was connected into both sides of the cave but that was it. Once touched, it triggered a deferred spell where Birds of Xilbalba (1/2 human 1/2 vulture-like bird) came out and attacked the party,, but two ran away before the party could finish them off. The party won and continued on until they encountered Magic Ward and spent time trying to cross that. A zombie was not able to cross. They continued on a short way and encountered Master Ward which when crossed triggered a deferred decentrigrate spell on the nearby walls and released more birds. Each time someone crossed the ward a new section of the wall was decentrigrated. They fought the birds and Dena cast burrow to make holes around the wards to let people through.

As Dena was burrowing through, the party split up and went frther down the tunnel where they found a large sitting room 50' in radius where there were 10 people sitting in chairs who were unresponsive to the adventurers and all looking at a bench in the center. Yehuth sat down on the bench and burnt her bottom which caused laughing to appear from all around the room. Dena used ecolocation and discovered that the people were phantasmal as the Lords were warned by the escaped birds. The party never adressed the lords by formal name, even though Erica introduced herself to them, and mentioned who sent them and what they were there for. The Lords requested the party to spend the night with a test as they thought about the response. They were led to a room where there were cigars for each person and they were told to keep the cigars lit for 8 hours. Dena cast halt time on the part with the cigars in them, but because the guards were unable to see the cigars, they Lords did not accept it and once the halt time dropped their time resumed from the beginning. The party smoked the cigars and they burnt out after an hour.

They then talked to the Lords who were laughed at their failure. The party was then placed in another trial where there was bitter cold, but Karl cast a spell to make the temperature a nice balmy 70 and the party enjoyed their 8 hours. The Lords then decided to give up their names for each person that introduced themselves to the as well as each task completed. 1-Death gave his name for Erica, 7-Death gave his name for Dena, House Corner gave his name for Yehuth, Blood Gatherer gave his name for Chris, Pus Master for the Pus river trial, Jaundice Master for the crossroads, Bone Scepter for defeating the birds, Skull Scepter for the temperature trial, and Trash Master for Lecter.

There was one Lord Left unnamed and they let the party choose to either play a ball game or spend another night in a trial. The party chose the ball game where the rules were to get a rubber ball into a hoop using only hips. Obvious cheating was not accepted but subtle cheating was. The party won the ball game, and therefore got the last name of the Lord: Wing and Packstrap. They recieved the bones. On the way out, Yehuth fell in a pit that was set as they were down there, but did not take the bones with him. They made it back to Ometeca who gave everyone 1500sp for getting the bones back in pristine condition. All adventureres for 2800 eps.

Noteworthy Postgame Events