May 08, 2021

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Eric Liu
Mindra Vii (Water Witch. Expert at Changing Magics.)
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)
Nys-With-Violet-Eyes (Human Mimic (Changeling))
Lavare (The Cursed Air Microdragon)


The Frost Giants of Viharok

Plot Synopsis

Jaernian Adventurers successfully negotiate peace terms and a treaty between the Frost Giant Kiern Clan and the people of Nahrul to allow the Nahruli to retrieve fallen trees on the North side of Viharok (or "The Shard" in giant tongue), and the Frost Giants to receive barrels of wine and permission to construct a quarry on the Northwestern side of Agshdof. The adventurers were paid 200 gold for their service, and took some items from the Tarusian Archivists in Tajsun (a staff that held spells, a pair of linked journals, a potion of finesse, and an enchanted steel shield). Standard EPs.

Noteworthy Postgame Events