April 03, 2021

Game Master
Ben Mirvish
Nys-With-Violet-Eyes (Human Mimic (Changeling))
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)
Midna Atmest


"It appears that the Gulgari had several dangerous things locked up in their vaults. With their recent fall from power, those vaults are no longer secure. I need you to clean up and make sure things don't break out." -Lady Valerie

Plot Synopsis

Party met up with Lady Valerie in her new office in city hall and were given the details of the mission. Party was to descend into the old Gulgari vaults and ensure that anything dangerous was properly sealed or destroyed before it could become a problem. They would be paid either 2000 silver apiece or whatever they could find in the dungeon below. Party was given the opportunity to gear up and told to head to the bank when they were ready. Upon arriving at the bank, party descended into the first floor of the vaults, the low security area. Party explored for a bit before finding a security guard station with an off duty squadron playing cards. With the primary commanders dead from the riots in a previous game, party was able to exploit the automated control systems and order all but one of the parties to go off duty. With their attempts to set this last squadron off duty resulting in the controller's destruction, party elected to move on, finding their way into the primary silver vault on the first floor. Party looted a chest worth around 3600 silver, before making a beeline for the nearest stairwell and heading to the second floor. Upon arriving on the second floor, party found themselves at a t-junction, with one side producing fighting noises and the other side producing suspicious sloshing sounds. Vesryn sent out their scorpion drone to scout out the sloshing side, while party journeyed down the fighting side. As party reached another junction, Vesryn lost contact with their drone and assumed it destroyed by something that had pooled on the floor. Party proceeded deeper into the 2nd floor, where they encountered a squadron of Gulgari troops holding off a swarm of giant ants. With Midna turning the ants against each other and some attraction shenanigans from Vesryn, party was able to defeat the ants and secure their queen. Party learned that the queen was the result of a researcher specializing in hive minds who helped the Gulgari develop some of their control systems, but was killed and his research locked up when he went too megalomaniacal and started plotting to take over the island. Midna was able to communicate with the queen in entish, and offered her a home on her moon in exchange for the queen offering her any minerals she dug up in the course of her work. The accord reached, Midna freed the queen and sent her to her moon for habitation. Splitting away from their temporary Gulgari allies, party moved on and found themselves sneaking up behind a scale beast, a metal core surrounded by floating blades that it controlled as weapons and defenses. With the beast distracted by another Gulgari patrol, party was able to sneak up behind the beast and Nys killed it with a critical hit, and party looted its corpse of its blades, obtaining 90 throwing knives. Talking to the patrol they rescued lead party to be notified of the two other hazards on the floor, the void imp, and the mirror creatures. Nys pushed party to investigate the mirror creatures, which were located inside the largest vault on the floor. Upon Vesryn opening the vault, Midna immediately tried to close it upon seeing the mirrors arranged inside and the creatures creating autonomous reflections within them. Party rushed back out of the vault and closed it up, but not before one mirror demon escaped and got stuck in Nys' pendant, due to the item's effect. Midna further sealed the mirror demon in a terisium box for future analysis, and party pushed on. With a reveal from Midna that her father helped build Koth, party was able to figure out that Midna had the override codes for most of the Gulgari troops, as a member of the Atmest family. Midna flagged down a nearby patrol who led them to a vault, where Midna grabbed some gold to recoup the moving costs for acquiring the queen ant previously. Midna then directed the troops to lead party to the stairs down to the last level, leaving the local troops to handle the void imp. Upon reaching the final floor, party found two small armies of demons and undead duking it out in the center of the floor. With Midna's anti-demon expertise, party quickly turned the tide in the undead's favor and destroyed the demon portal that had been sealed away in the deep vault years ago. As thanks, the Skeletons introduced party to the first Gulgari, who as thanks for helping his men out, offered them a choice of blessing, either a curse protection he used to rob graves, or the knowledge on how to create death knights. After accepting their reward, party returned to the surface stopping by the silver vault on the way out to grab 2 more chests. Pay was the loot that party liberated from the vaults and 2600 exp.

Noteworthy Postgame Events