November 07, 2020

Game Master
Benjamin Mirvish
Nys-With-Violet-Eyes (Human Mimic (Changeling))
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)


We've detected suspicious activity in the Garen Forest, the council has ordered me to investigate and I call upon your services. -Elia

Plot Synopsis

Party arrived at Elia's sky base and was able to clear up her misunderstanding that they were a different type of summon. Elia teleported the party to Garen forest, where Erica pissed of the agitated nature spirits, who sent a few monsters at them. After defeating the monsters, Erica determined that the spirits were being agitated by something on the plateau and were concentrating there and in a hollow in the forest. Party moved to investigate the plateau and found the remains of a ritual which had blown a hole to another dimension. After pissing off the spirits again, party released enough energy to force the rift to collapse. Party then proceeded to the hollows, where they fought the corrupted guardian of the forest and his backup summons. They defeated him and released him from his corruption, freeing the forest and restoring it to normal. For their efforts, party was rewarded with special runes and 2500 exp.

Noteworthy Postgame Events