March 02, 2019

Game Master
Jean Watts
Ra'Gath (Kind Kobold warrior that Leo protected, adventures for riches.)
Xerys (Elven Psionic Edgelord Assassin)
Erica Wiren (Chitter, Chitter)
Sten (I like cheese! Want a hat?)


Come to Bozo's Madhouse where nothing is as it seems.

Plot Synopsis

Party descended into the fun house where they found a room full of doors. As they wen through door they got lost within the fun house and discovered that every object/ person in the funhouse was baited into coming just like them. Xeryes, Ra'Gath and Sten ate cotton candy which forcibly mutated them randomly. Ra'Gath received invisibility, Sten recieved Web, Xeryes received Pain Wail. (They must all spend the necessary experience). Kira found a way out by painting her house with a magic paintbrush that created a portal to her house. She then fought her doppleganger and ascended out of the madhouse. She spent the rest of the mission offloading people out of the madhouse from her bedroom portal. The rest of party fought their way out in a tournament battling anime protagonists. Kira kept a rainbow dagger, and erica kept a pitchfork wand.

Noteworthy Postgame Events