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March 6, 2004

Game Start Date 7-13-10043
Game End Date
Game Master Kat McConnell
Adventurers Loten
Locations City of Prall


Research mage needs help in recovering stolen supplies. Go to 125 Drako St. in Prall at 10 am.

Plot Synopsis

D'leyna was first to arrive. It was a person's residence. She knocked and the door swung open. Whimpering was heard from inside. She inquired inside about the job only to hear more whimpering in reply. She walked in to find the house had been ransacked. There was a man sitting in the middle of the room clutching some papers to his chest. He was rocking back and forth whimpering.

Samus came in soon after, bringing with him one sheep and Spoon. He also asked about the posting. The man didn't know anything about it. Eventually the rest of the party arrived at the residence. Kalag went poking around looking for any research data in the house and the rest of the party continued to question the "employer."

After some questioning on the party's part and whimpering and crying on the man's part they managed to get some answers out of him. He is a member of the mages guild but is not in good standing at the time. He was doing research on a group of spells to help with decision making. His research wasn't going well and his spells weren't that useful, in fact they were pretty much worthless. Due to increasing mental stability the mages guild turned his office and lab space in the guild over to his assistant, Max. Alphonse (the whimpering man) believes that Max stole an object dear to him and though confused as to why there is an adventuring party in his living room, nonetheless relived and willing to pay them to get his item for him.

The item is a purple sphere with an indent that will answer questions asked to it (i.e.: a magic eight ball). Alphonse is willing to pay 500 sp per person for the recovery of his sphere of decision. Without it he is nearly unable to make any decision. The party discovers that the papers he is holding are a list of questions and answers that Alphonse asked the sphere in case he was separated from it.

Alphonse tells the party where Max lives in Centralia and a bar that he frequents. The party also receives a description of Max and find out he is an air mage. They then head out. Samus and D'leyna head toward the mages guild and the rest go to the bar.

Once at the mages guild, D'leyna becomes a member. They then go in search of conformation of Alphonse's story. They find out that Alphonse was conducting research but his offices were turned over to his assistant. However, theft of Alphonse's personal property was not sanctioned by the guild. With this information, they then left to meet up with the rest of the group at the bar.

As the rest of the group was heading to the bar one of them noticed a posting. It was a posting for noon the day prior. Max hired adventurers at the bar the day prior. When they got to the bar Kalag asked the bartender if he remembered any of it. The bartender remembered that there was a brief fight over payment and that only two possibly competent people were hired to accompany Max.

Kalag then went over to the table where the bartender said Max was hiring. He then started to cast. The bar patrons became nervous and after a few rounds those sitting at the table requested that he stop and he did. He then went outside to defer a reveal the past. He failed the overload for defer and suffered damage. He came back in the bar and one of the party members bribed the people sitting there to leave. Kalag then made his verbal casting and cast reveal the past for noon the day prior on the table.

They see Max with 4 thugs. Max informs them that he needs them to escort him while he goes and looks for something. He makes an offer of 50 sp. Two of them get pissed and start harassing Max. He bumps it up to 75 sp and one of the thugs smacks him. The bartender tells them not to fight in the bar. Two of them leave angrily. Two remain behind

The party then decides to head to the mages guild to catch up with Samus and D'leyna. On the way there, the party bumps into Samus and D'leyna. Kazin finds a posting for their adventure so they can find out who actually hired them because it wasn't Alphonse who put up the posting. Loten, Ka'na, Kulov, and Heroth split off to go to Max's house and the rest go back to the mages guild to have a posting for their adventure delved.

At the guild, the group finds out that the posting was made by Max. This leads to much speculation about traps and such. The group then becomes worried about the people who went off to Max's house. Fearing a trap they left the guild hoping to get there before someone fell into a trap.

Loten, Kulov, Heroth, and Ka'na made it to Max's house. Kulov knocks on the door. No one answered, he then tried it but it was locked. Loten offered to break it down. Kulov looked around to see if any security was around, seeing none he told Loten to break it down, and then Ka'na loudly repeated, "Yeah, break it down."

Shortly after Loten forced the door open, three guards appeared and asked them what the hell they thought they were doing. Loten proceeded to be a smart-ass and the rest of the group denied their involvement. The group was arrested.

Samus arrived near them just to see the group being lead off and asked one of the guards what was going on. They told him. Samus appeared to be appalled that someone broke into Max's house and asked when they would be done interrogating the prisoners. Samus told the guard that he would tell Max about the attempted break in on his house then be by to see the prisoners in a couple of hours.

Samus then went back to the members of the group who move slower than him and told them the news. They went and got a room at an inn nearby. Samus then went gaseous and went to Max's house. He found a map of the archipelago with an island circled and "YAY!" written on it. He then looted Max's underwear drawer, the sheets off his bed and the food in his house. He then stole a nightgown and an umbrella and walked out the front door. The guard at the door stopped him and asked him how he got in there. Samus attempted to BS that he had been there the whole time and that he had come via the portal in the coat closet. He then tried to show the portal to the guard and bolted away down the street.

Samus came back to the inn, grabbed his stuff, declared "We're leaving now," and left. Slightly confused Kalag and Kazin followed him. D'leyna waited five min and then went after them. Samus rented a boat and once D'leyna was aboard had it head out. They wandered around until nightfall and then docked.

In the prison, Loten was sentenced to a 1000sp fine and one month in jail. Heroth was sentenced 100 sp and a night in jail. Kulov and Ka'na had a 500 sp fine and a night in jail. Kulov paid 750 to leave then and made a deal for Ka'na as well. Ka'na sat in a corner whimpering about his scythe and didn't come out until his scythe was back in his possession. Loten paid Heroth's fine as well and he was released. Heroth decided that being arrested wasn't worth the trouble and went home.

Kulov and Ka'na heard about an elf in an oversized nightgown that had broken into Max's house. They went looking for the rest of the party but stayed far from Max's house or the prison.

At nightfall Samus went back to Centralia in his human form and went to the prison. He learned about Loten's sentence and that the others were released earlier that day. Samus went looking for Ka'na and Kulov and after 3 hours found them. They all went back to the boat and headed off. Samus told the group about the map he found and where they were going.

The next day they spotted a Rondo off a bit. Samus has someone flag them a greeting and a request to meet later. They agree.

The two ships pull up next to each other and Samus kills some time telling stories and giving gifts of underwear to all those aboard. They find out that the Rondo was just wandering around the archipelago and also took on a few passengers going to an island. The ships disengaged and headed off in different directions. About a half hour later they spotted a longboat heading to an island. They confirm it to be Max and they head to the island as well.

The group takes the beached longboat back to their ship so Max and his associates cannot escape the island. They then search it a bit, and Samus digs for clams. Ka'na finds an underwater cave system. They go through it as it branches off a couple times. After trekking a little over 2 mets in a cramped tunnel they hear someone ahead. Samus hears about some teresium and bolts ahead of the group in gaseous state.

He reaches an opening where Max and his two thugs are. Samus tries to send thoughts into the heads of those present. Then Max hears the rest of the party, consults the orb, and sends his thugs to attack them. Samus fireballs the cavern and kills Max. He then proceeds to loot the body, grabbing the orb.

Combat ensues in the cave, due to the cramped nature it is slow going. The thugs lightning bolt the party and D'leyna runs at them for to impale. Kazin casts Scunner at the first guy who falls down in agony and surrenders. The second guy backs up and activates a deferred lightning bolt and screams, "Stay away!!!" Kulov and Kazin fall unconscious. Kalag mini bolts the second guy. He then surrenders. Kalag heals the unconscious people.

Samus becomes enthralled with the sphere and refuses to relinquish it, using it to make decisions. The group heads back to shore and catches the boat back to Centralia. They encounter the Rondo again and inform them that they don't need to pick up the people they dropped off. They also return them their longboat.

Samus and Ka'na decide that they need to make Kulov into stew of power and spend time trying to push him into the galley to eat him. Kazin, Kalag, and D'leyna plot against Samus and as the boat docks 5 deferred paralyzes and 3 deferred shivers go off on him at once. Kalag then casts suspend life on Samus putting him in a coma. D'leyna then picks up the sphere with her item tongs and feels compelled to keep it. She warns the rest of the party and drops it on Samus. Kazin then duct tapes it to Samus's hand. They then drag him to the mages guild and ask that he be fixed.

Noteworthy post game events: Loten is in prison, D'leyna became a member of the mages guild, and Samus is in a coma at the guild pending investigation into the sphere.

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