Centrali' Times Front Desk

The Front Desk of the 'Times is a pretty modest room. To the left, just inside the doorway, is an old stack of printed papers. To the right is a bulletin board
with more recent editions posted. Directly in front of you is a cluttered desk behind which sits a tall, narrow man with too thick glasses perched on his
balding head. He looks up as you enter.

The Centrali' Times is published on Abern of every week, thats 5 issues a month. Our printing technology is a joke, since Taurus left us, so no subscriptions are possible at this time. Instead the 'Times is posted at varius locations.. you may read it for 5 copper pieces.

UPDATE - I'm older than dirt and twice as tired. You'll get your paper twice a month if your lucky and if there being 'nuff stuff to write on. Otherwise get yer gossip elsewhere!

 We are always looking for articles and will pay top price (in eeps, the coin of the realm) for any submissions that we use. We are looking for current events, editorials, historical pieces, biographicals, art, etc... Got anything? I like pictures... 'course doesn't everyone in our City? Just give your material to Stephelonius.

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