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-====== Titan's Maw ====== 
-This island is about 3 weeks travel to the west-southwest of Centralia Island, or a week's travel through dangerous waters east from Lojem, situated on the equator of Jearn. It is shaped like a crescent, with the opening on the southern end. There, three large mountains peak out of the water, almost completing the circle. The island is only about 7 miles wide at its widest, but spans a 60 mile diameter, with inner bay that is about 45 miles across. 
-=== History === 
-//On 02/08/10078, Lord Avery Cromwell III, a new wealthy Lord in Centralia City, hired a few adventurers to accompany him on a short expedition to this island. Below is a journal entry kept by one of the adventurers:// 
-"Having made it to the island, we found that many of the creatures here have grown to enormous height and weight as well as discovering a new creature known as a "Dive Beetle". I found the journal my father's first mate in the marooned ship of my father." 
-//In our records, there is a Mae Víz recorded as one of the hired hands, and judging from the content, it appears she is the author of this journal entry.// 
-"Eventually we made their way to a ziggurat that seemed to belong to a group of nomads who seem to worship a being known as "Ameth". After three of us partook in the ritual known as "Ameth's Breath", they were teleported to meet Ameth "the great sage", a giant spirit that resides in the Kurugo. These three talked with Ameth before being transported back to their bodies (at least that is what they claimed after they came back). Enuma and I have decided to stay on the island for four weeks while the rest of party left the island, taking the journey back to Centralia City." 
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