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-[[settings:|Jearn]] The planer home of Adventurers+[[settings:|Jearn]]The planar home of Adventurers (also identified as Portal I from the [[Alpha Site]])
-[[Kurago]] A plane of existence attached to most other planes.+[[Cahyali]]smaller world where adventurers also hail from, which features much larger landmasses than Jearn.
 +[[Infero]]: The land of the dead, the fallen, once-beautiful plane of Cielo. It is the passing place that souls go to before reaching their afterlife.
 +[[Kurago]]: A plane of existence attached to most other planes.
 +[[Alpha Site]]: The Centralia Guild of Wizzards extra dimensional portal farm
 +The Planar Sea: The extradimensional space that planes of existence, well, exist in. Theoretically inhabitable to life (that we know of), and there is no current way to travel to the Planar Sea. 
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